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Heather Lutze works with organizations that want to dominate search results and GET FOUND by people who are ready to buy! Here are some of the different ways Heather can help your organization:
  • DIY SEO Training
    in-house, for the marketing department or any other internal team. Learn to create and implement a marketing plan, including search engine optimization, correct, effective keywords, social media marketing and more.
  • Full Service Internet Marketing Consulting
    work with the Findability Team; let us do all the work!
5 Minute Website Snapshot - Learn how customers and Google see your site

Learn how customers and Google see your site

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Hire the top rated marketing speaker who wrote the book on internet marketing Heather Lutze. Heather’s high energy and unexpectedly witty presentations are perfect for business owners, marketers, or CEO groups wishing to cash in on the opportunities offered by today’s web-centric, social media world. She presents the big picture of “getting found” online in a way that opens audiences’ eyes to the unprecedented possibilities.

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Heather Lutze - NSA Member

For real, take-it-to-the-bank results

Heather reveals the simple and effective steps they can put into practice immediately!

Find out exactly what your business needs to do to dominate the first page of that all-important Google search! Work with author, trainer and marketing speaker Heather Lutze.

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What Client’s Say

Thumbonomics is like having a personal coach for social media marketing mastery. With passion, wit and clarity, author Heather Lutze provides a process that works, broken down into simple, manageable steps anyone can follow. I recommend her highly.
Anthony Robbins, Best-selling author, founder, Robbins Research International, Inc.
Heather Lutze provided the best presentation I have ever observed regarding social media and unleashing the full power of online marketing. She then tailored a version specifically for our Marketing Department. But more importantly, beyond her presentation she is a professional of the highest caliber with impeccable integrity and an infectious attitude. I cannot overstate the impact she will have on your business. My highest personal endorsement of her work.
Pete Sciabarra, Vistage International
Again, thank you for the OUTSTANDING presentation you gave at the Printing Hub Conference in Denver. A standing ovation is unusual for a technical presentation on Internet Marketing, but you really got this group excited! I’ve never seen a speaker who could connect so completely with an audience.
Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, The Guerilla Group
Your program last night at NSA-CT was terrific. All I can say is “Wow”. You have a definite talent for (among other things) converting a complicated subject into something that a non-technical bubblehead (like me) can understand.
Joe Brandt, J.L. Brandt Co.
When I found Heather Lutze’s book, The Findability Formula, it was like having somebody shine a spotlight on the answers to the questions that I didn’t even know I’d needed to ask. Lutze cuts to the chase with her clear, concise instructions, and great resource lists for finding solutions to those questions I didn’t know to ask. Happily I am now better informed than many of the “helpers” who held themselves forth as experts. This is not simply a book touting “Pay Per Click” word purchasing, but it emphasizes the need for carefully selected “Key-words” to lead customers to the website.
Robert S. Nolan
I went to Heather’s class, went home and just did what she recommended. A short time later, media outlets found me online and I’ve made several high profile TV appearances as a result. Now my site is ranked #1 on Google. If you’re serious about your web presence and you’re not working with Heather—you’re kidding yourself.
Traci Brown, Body Language Expert and Keynote Speaker
I first heard Heather Lutze speak at a Tony Robbins Business Mastery event in Fiji. She had AMAZING content and insight on SEO, getting found online, content creation, etc. The best part is that not only was her presentation entertaining and enjoyable, but her system is ONE THAT I HAVE IMPLEMENTED.
Heather Spangler, Marketing, Branding and Online Business Expert
If you don’t know what to do with your business Facebook page, think Twitter is ridiculous, and cannot imagine what you could possibly blog about or why you should bother – this is the book you need – Thumbonomics.
Katelyn Massey, An Amazon Customer
THANK YOU HEATHER! I am FINALLY getting SEO RESULTS! My keyword research has been “off the chains” eye opening—I now know why folks weren’t finding my website. I’ve learned how prospects really articulate what I do; not how I thought they were searching.
James Brewer, MBA, Envision Wealth Architects and Envision 401k Architects