SEO Coaching Case Study: There Really Are Keywords for God!

SEO Coaching Case Study:
There Really Are Keywords for God!

This is a very special client story. I want to introduce my newest Findability and SEO coaching clients who are truly lovely. Their website is and they are the Order of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This deeply religious group wants to evolve to serve a much wider audience. They are ready to reach out beyond their Catholic community to help anyone who is seeking support in the form of prayer.

This is a private order consisting of priests and nuns who pray for eight hours every […]

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Spy on Your Competitors with SpyFu – A Killer Keyword Tool

To understand what makes your competition successful online, Spyfu is the answer. In my new book, Marketing Espionage: How Speakers Can Leverage Competitive Intel to Dominate Online (coming out next spring), I divulge how to conduct essential keyword research to uncover competitive SEO strategies. is an incredible resource for this exact purpose.

I interviewed Dave Fiske, senior founding partner of SpyFu, to get the low down on this powerful keyword search tool for my students. Dave explained how his site provides access to in-depth intel on your competitors regarding their use of keywords for both organic searches and paid […]

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Become a Deep Dive Keyword Detective with Ubersuggest

Are you working hard to uncover keywords that will improve your Findability and SEO ranking? I have found one tool that is deceptively simple and completely free that will satisfy your investigative instincts.
What is Ubersuggest and How Can It Help You Find Keywords?
Let me introduce you to the site Recently, I spoke with founder, creator and CEO, Alessandro Martin from Milan, Italy, about how this amazing tool came to be. See below for some of the questions I asked him and check out the video (at the end of the post) for a demonstration of how the keyword tool […]

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Gain Social Impact with a Butt-Kicking Klout Score

Do you know your Klout score? Why should that matter?

Let’s start by talking about what Klout is. Klout measures your influence on the web by aggregating and measuring your social media impact on a 100 point scale. The activity evaluated is not your output like the number of tweets or Facebook updates.

Instead, Klout looks at a person’s level of engagement and interaction with others on the social platforms.

It all starts with Twitter, so if you tweet, you already have a stake in the game.
Top Klout Scores for the Rich and Famous
As you might expect, the folks with top Klout […]

6 Internet Marketing Goals for Every Business

At this point in the year, how productive have you been with your business goals? Like many business owners, marketing is likely to be at the top of your list.

And, that’s a good thing. Because, by taking the time to review goals you made at the start of the year, you can get a good understanding of where you need to put your focus.

So, on that note, I have an important question that I’d like to ask you …

Will this finally be the year you start ranking on Page One of a Google search?

Hitting the top spot in search […]

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