Bhakti Chai Tea: “Kick Your Butt” Drink SEO Case Study

By Heather Lutze, CEO and Founder
Findability Consulting & Speaking

I have been inspired to do a monthly column featuring a favorite product or service and then diving into their Findability online. Bhakti Tea Company has one of those magical elements that makes me drive across town to pick up a gallon and two pre-made bottles […]

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Does Your Website Make The Grade? Best SEO Scoring Tools.

Does Your Website Make the Grade?
Best SEO Scoring tools!
By Heather Lutze, Trainer, Consultant & Speaker
Findability Consulting & Speaking

When looking online, I am often reminded of some of my guilty pleasures of TV viewing. I have seen countless web sites in my 13 years of SEO and website design consulting that are The Walking Dead. […]

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American Doll Marketing Genius: Christmas Time in Girl Town!

By Heather Lutze, CEO
Findability Consulting & Speaking

(Play this while you read this blog! Trying to set the mood.)


After 17 years with three men in my life, my husband and my two sons, you get used to the idea that Walking Dead and Myth Busters are the only shows on TV. When I hang out […]

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“Squid ink” Web Developers: How to Hire, Evaluate and Fire the Geeks In Your Life!

 When teaming with web developers, you must stay in the driver’s seat to protect your business and online brand. Here’s how.

I have been working in the web space for over 13 years. (My son calls it the Dinosaur Age. Thanks honey!) Recently, I was onsite with a client, helping them with a Findability Alignment. […]

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Do You Have a Ghost Town Homepage? Change it to Connect and Convert Visitors on Your Site

By Heather Lutze, CEO and Speaker
How many times have you visited a web site with generic images of attractive people with headsets on? You know what I’m talking about, those photos of well-dressed men sitting in a meeting with other handsome people that you find on web site home pages?

Don’t we all wish we […]

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