You Don’t Have to Be on Twitter!
Or Other Social Media Sites That Don’t Generate Results

socialmediaoverload2 Feeling completely overwhelmed by your social media activity? Have you let any social sites go dark? Are you disappointed in the RESULTS you get from your posts? If you answered yes, then this free webinar will offer a BIG RELIEF! You don’t have to be on every social media platform to get what you need from this web marketing tool.

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Are You Struggling to Keep Up with Social Media Marketing?

  • Not sure what to post?
  • Unclear about your social media strategy?
  • Not getting the leads or growing business?

Social Media Overload – Free Webinar
Join us – Corey Perlman and Heather Lutze
Monday, September 11 at 12:00 pm MT

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Don’t Squander Your Precious Time or Money!


Corey Perlman, author of the book Social Media Overload, says too many business owners and companies feel overwhelmed by the number of sites, amount of time and resources they have to invest to get anywhere. Now you can map out a simple strategy with Corey and figure out which sites are best and then… ignore the rest!

Get Corey’s insider secrets and learn how to:

  • Find out where your customers and prospects hangout online
  • Outperform your competition on Google
  • Not allow your social media sites to die on the vine
  • Create long standing relationships with clients using the power of Facebook
  • Direct people to your sweet spot instead of selling
  • Use advanced features on LinkedIn to prospect and earn referrals

Social Media Overload will help you avoid time-consuming and expensive mistakes. You’ll finally generate new leads, stay top-of-mind with prospects, and gain referrals from your customers.

Stop Being a Jack of All Social Media and Master of None!

Find out how to excel at the select social media sites that serve you the best. Follow Corey’s road map to increase leads, strengthen credibility, build long-term relationships and win referral business on the web.


Social Media Overload – Free Webinar
with Heather Lutze and Corey Perlman
Monday, September 11 at 12:00 pm MT