Five Cool (and Free) Ways to Market Your Event

For a successful event, you need quality speakers, excellent organization, and a great venue. But if people don’t show up, none of that will make any difference, will it? Here are five things you can do to fill those seats, no matter how small your marketing budget:

  1. YouTube: A quick 30-second video can be the fast-track to visibility on this uber-popular social media site. Testimonials, speaker videos, and short benefit-oriented overviews are great, but we all know nothing says “sign me up” better than a video of a luxurious hotel on a gorgeous beach.
  2. Emails that get read: Emails are a great tool, if you remember to reel in your prospective customers with a juicy subject line. “Enjoy Hawaii and Increase Your Sales” will out-click “LaDeeDa Annual Convention” every day of the week. Keep it short, sweet and enticing, with links to the schedule or speakers’ bios on your special event website.
  3. Twitter: Get attendees pumped up before the event. Keep the momentum going by encouraging Tweeps to spread the word during and after the event. Use your keywords in your tweets, whether “Marketing Conference,” “Sales Conference,” “Leadership Development Training” or whatever. Don’t forget those event hashtags we told you about earlier, either.
  4. LinkedIN: Post information about upcoming events/trainings/conferences. Starting a group or discussion thread in an existing group is another way to get people engaging with your!
  5. Event Marketing Secret Weapon—Craig’sList: Post a description of your event for free in cities where your target market lives. If you want people searching for “Sales Conferences in Hawaii” to find you, make sure to use that term as a keyword in the title and the content of your ads. They will turn up in a Google search!

Want more info about any of these tips? Please give us a call at 303.841.1111. There’s a lot more we’d love to tell you that could help make your next event a smashing, “standing room only” success.

Warm Regards,

Heather Lutze

Author, Internet Marketing Speaker and Consultant

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— Joe Brandt, J.L. Brandt Co., Ridgefield, CT