How to Give Your Website Some Love

This month is all about giving your website the best start it can possibly have. For this week, we’re going to focus on security and peace of mind. As you know, there’s a lot more to setting up a website than just buying a domain name and getting some words and pictures up. We’re going to focus on some vital steps to make sure your site is set up for success, and stays firmly under your control.


Gather The Troops! I have had so many clients come to me in a complete panic after their social media person disappeared, their web designer decided to take off or someone hacked their site. (We’ll talk more about how to find quality people in another conversation, to help support you there too.) Moments like this can be devastating, stressful, time consuming and expensive to recover from if you don’t have a plan. What would you do in this stressful situation?

Instead of frantically running around trying to recover information and shelling out all sorts of money and losing valuable time trying to regain access, I’d like to offer a simpler solution, and the steps you’ll need to get there. The first rule of the game here is…


The best emergency is the one you are already expecting, and have made a plan for. It takes the fear, stress and surprise out of it, and lets you continue on as normal. Below is the first part of my coaching program – my Executive Login Sheet – and I’m offering it for FREE because I want to help you be prepared with a plan. It lists all the assets you MUST know, the vital documents you need, and should be kept in a secure, safe place for emergencies.

This document contains all the important information you need for the keys to the castle: your website, blog, social media pages, Google account, etc. Don’t be held hostage by a negligent developer who won’t give you access to your own property!

Trust me, you want to do this. Fill this out. Keep a copy locked in your office and consider using a storage tool like

Pro tips:

  • Using “. . .” behind all your passwords will safeguard your password and triples the difficulty of guessing.
  • Please, please please do NOT use your birthday, anniversary, pet names, colleges or anything that is publicly available to find information on. STOP AND CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS TODAY. Then use the sheet below to gather them together and keep them safe. You’ll be so glad you did.

Here’s the Executive Login Sheet. It’s going to be your new best friend, waiting in the wings until you need it, although we hope you don’t. This sheet isn’t just amazing for emergencies, but also for important transitions like hiring new employees or contractors, so that you have all the information they’ll need to implement all of your specifications on your site.

Get it here! //

I’m here to help you make your website everything it can be. For more in-depth support reach out to me today!

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