The Findability Formula for LinkedIn:
B2B Social Media Made Profitable

Presented by expert LinkedIn speaker Heather Lutze

Listen to Thumbonomics Chapter 9: LinkedIn Findability

LinkedIn might not get the press its social media cousins like Facebook and Twitter receive… but for business, it definitely gets the results!


Are you LinkedIn? Frequently overlooked amidst the frenzy of pinning, tweeting, liking and friending, LinkedIn is, in fact, the must-have social site for every professional. Consider these statistics:

  • 187 million professionals around the world, as of September 30, 2012,and climbing at an astonishing rate… (source: )
  • Membership including the executives of all the Fortune 500 companies…
  • Average household income of LinkedIn users over $100,000 annually…
  • 80% of U.S. corporations currently using this site as a recruiting tool…
  • In short, LinkedIn is the social media site for anyone who sells business to business.

Intrigued to hear more? In this powerful, high-energy presentation, LinkedIn speaker Heather Lutze engages and informs with easy to implement, practical LinkedIn strategies. Your audience will discover how keyword research, a well optimized profile and genuine engagement with LinkedIn Groups can bring them new business, valuable new contacts, and new opportunities.

The Findability Formula for LinkedIn” presentation includes:

  • The benefits of LinkedIn:

The professional nature of LinkedIn members and their general income level mean that you are becoming findable to a more “elite” audience.

  • Integrating employees’ LinkedIn profiles:

This can benefit the company on the whole, as each employee’s profile can be optimized for a different keyword the company would like to rank under.

  • Setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn profile and business page:

Find out how to create a profile that maximizes your business, your brand, and your services.

  • Benefits of joining groups, and starting your own group:

Many LinkedIn groups have memberships with extremely active engagement. Learn what having your own group can do for your business.

  • Using LinkedIn to attract new business:

If you’re not looking for a new job and you’re not looking to hire anyone, then why use LinkedIn? To get real business, of course!

  • Using Linkedin Applications:

Find out the secrets of LinkedIn that just might give you the jump on your competitors.

Take a look at Heather on LinkedIn, for an example of a professional business profile that takes advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

For more information about using LinkedIn:

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If you have an audience that needs the know-how to effectively utilize LinkedIn, then you need a professional LinkedIn speaker! Social media is simple when you know how to set proper goals and implement effective strategies. Contact Heather today.

Our team had the pleasure of getting both your half-day and your full-day workshops on SEO and Social Media. This was a great training I would recommend to any company who asks the question, “Why should I be using Social Networking?” You presented the concepts and ideas in a non-technical way, that helped our senior executive team, our marketing team, and our sales team change their views on how these marketing methods can provide a tangible and measurable advantage over our competition.

~~Marty Gephart
Hayes, Inc.