Performing Keywords for Your Business

Using keywords in everything you do online—all of your internet marketing from each page of your website, to every tweet, post or even the title of your YouTube videos—is vital to findability. Keyword research using the Google keyword tool, or any of the other tools available is important, but essentially you will still be guessing as to whether the results of your research show you the absolute best high performing keywords for your particular business. It will be a much more educated guess than if you did not use a tool at all, however.

Is there a surefire way to determine which keywords perform best for you? And by perform, I mean land customers on your site, and have them take the desired action—become a client, make an investment, sign up for your newsletter or services, etc.


That surefire way is with an effective pay-per-click campaign. This provides the hard data telling you how your specific clients and customers are searching for your specific goods and services. Yes, a PPC campaign is more expensive than simply guessing which your best keywords are and inserting them into your website. However, it also has a multitude of benefits you simply cannot receive any other way.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click:

  1. You will show up (quite quickly) on Page One of Google search results! Exciting, yes?
  2. You will be able to test and track results of different keywords, and keep changing them until you determine which ones are the highest performing for you.
  3. You will learn a huge amount about how people are searching for you, and what they are specifically looking for—so you can become “findable” online to those people.
  4. Armed with this information, your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will be that much more effective.

Somewhere along the line, pay per click seems to have gotten a bad rap with some people. Companies have tried it without results, and wasted a lot of money… People believe that searchers go immediately to the “natural, organic results” and ignore paid ads…. (Statistics show this is untrue. Users do not differentiate between the two.)

The key is doing an effective paid search campaign—one that gets the results you need. As with anything, there are many pitfalls and misconceptions about pay per click.

If you know precisely who your target market is, exactly how they are searching, and optimize the content on your website or blog accordingly, the search engines will love you because you allow them to do their job—which is to give the searcher what he or she is looking for.