Small Business SEO Coaching

Learn the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques you need to enhance your rank in the search engines and GET FOUND ONLINE, with internet marketing expert Heather Lutze.

The internet has all but leveled the playing field for small businesses. But to reap the rewards of this virtually infinite market, your website and your social media need to be optimized for highest Findability.

As a small business with a small budget, perhaps you’ve always believed that you couldn’t market anywhere near as effectively as a big corporation with those enviable deep pockets. Let Heather show you how with her fully customized small business SEO coaching programs!

Work directly with acclaimed SEO speaking expert, author, and consultant Heather Lutze to develop an online marketing plan that will bring you the business you’ve always dreamed of.

2011 was a great year for us. Our business grew 32% compared to 2010 and 128% to 2009. Our store set a new franchise record in 2010 for Preppy Pet. We owe much of our success to Heather Lutze and her team at The Findability Group. You are losing $ if you do not use their services.”
~~Craig Lichter, Owner/Manager at Preppy Pet Suites

How Small Business SEO Coaching works:

  1. Fill out a Findability Diagnostic Questionnaire. The survey is an important first step, allowing Heather to “look under the hood” of your business marketing engine and see what’s really going on.
  1. From this diagnostic survey, a Report of Findings will be created, showing you any problems with your website, and any areas you need to improve upon.
  1. After your audit is complete, it’s time to formulate a plan of action. Depending on your businesses particular goals, needs, and of course, budget, this could consist of:
  • Keyword research, to find out exactly how customers are searching for your goods and services.
  • Rewriting the content on your site, integrating the new keywords.
  • Creating a site that will provide a great user experience, and turn browsers into paying customers.
  • Creating social media profiles.
  • Setting goals for a successful social media strategy to help you dominate Google.
  • Determining if a PPC campaign is right for your business.
  • And much more, always completely customized to your needs.

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Learn more about SEO and Online Findability:

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Your small business SEO training can include any members of your team that you find it appropriate to include, and even outside vendors such as web designers or outside marketers. Heather brings over a dozen years of innovative, easy to implement, and proven strategy to the table.

In this day and age, small doesn’t have to mean limited! And definitely not when it comes to the world of internet marketing. Contact us today for more information about small business SEO coaching, training, or SEO speaking.