Thumbonomics Chapter Ten—YouTube Findability

Chapter Ten shows you how to take advantage of the massive popularity of videos. Filled with tips, tricks and real life examples to follow. Send us your comments and feedback—and links to your YouTube videos, in the comment box below.

Chapter Ten Take-Aways

  • Receiving content via video is tremendously appealing to huge numbers of people.
  • YouTube videos stand out on a Google results page.
  • Set up your company YouTube channel, using important keyword phrases in the name, setup and profile.
  • Fans usually watch videos for entertainment; they don’t want to be sold.
  • You don’t need a videographer—a video that looks like you just walked into an interesting moment and captured it is more credible than an over-rehearsed and over-edited video.
  • Title each video with a high value keyword phrase that is appropriate to the actual content of that video.
  • List any resources or websites, in case people want to learn more. Refer them back to your website or your blog.
  • Provide a transcription of your video’s content.
  • Produce videos of: company events, annual meetings, corporate retreats, product launches, interviews, upcoming press, conventions, etc.
  • Exhibit your brand personality.
  • Repurpose existing videos, using a portion of one, or adding more information for public viewing. When titling them, use keywords you want those videos to rank under.
  • Make sure the effort you put into your YouTube Channel pays off with views, calls to action and real life business.
  • YouTube Findability Makeover: Go viral or not


Chapter Ten Tools and Websites

Examples of videos that are: