Thumbonomics Chapter Thirteen—Productivity Tools

Chapter thirteen introduces you to the automation tools you need to successfully manage a social media marketing campaign—and still have time to run your business. As these technologies are changing so quickly, new tools are constantly appearing. Please give us feedback on this chapter in the comment form below, as well as links to any other great tools that you’ve used for social media.

Chapter Thirteen Take-Aways

  • Along with the growth of social media, tools have been developed to make social media marketing for business easy.
  • These tools allow you to monitor exactly what is happening online, help you rapidly build your community, and easily feed that community with highly relevant content.
  • They give you one centralized resource to manage your outgoing communications, as well as everything people are saying about you.
  • To decide which are right for you, consider who you are and the size of your business.
  • Schedule quarterly meetings with your social media marketing team to evaluate the new tools on the market, and new social sites that have taken off.


Level One Productivity Tools

Level Two Productivity Tools

Level Three Productivity Tools