Thumbonomics Chapter Eleven – Blogging Findability

Chapter Eleven is all about blogging. Is it really a social media portal? Whether it is or it isn’t, this wildly popular form of communication should be a part of your internet marketing strategy. Please let us know what you think—any comments or feedback about the material in this chapter will be greatly appreciated. Send us a link to your blog!

Chapter Eleven Take-Aways

  • Search engines regard blogs as a more relevant, continuous source of content than websites.
  • Blogging allows the writer/owner to present thoughts and concepts in a more detailed format than Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Blogs are about content—always consider your readers first and the search engines second.
  • Repeating keywords over and over is off-putting to the reader. Two to five percent keyword density is perfect for the body of the post.
  • Blogging ideas: Company events, press releases, conventions, new products, cost saving techniques, industry news and events, guest interviews.
  • No promotions, promotional ads and fliers—they don’t belong in a blog.
  • Add links to other sites—Google expects experts to link to experts.
  • Over time, if you are putting out relevant content, you will start to get more readers and more comments.
  • Delete spam immediately; be careful what you allow on your blog.
  • Be vigilant about the “voice” of your blogs. Know who it is you are trying to reach.
  • Give content your readers will love and can use. This is the key to blogging success.
  • Track your results in Google and Social Media Sites for ultimate Findability.
  • Findability Makeover—Blogging: Better than Flipping a Sign on the Corner.

Chapter Eleven Tools and Websites

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