Thumbonomics Chapter Fifteen: Your Social Media Program – Outsource or In House?

Chapter Fifteen discusses whether you should do your social media program in-house, or outsource it. It also lists the essential trainings and conferences you should attend if you are serious about social media and search engine marketing. Please send us any feedback on this chapter in the comment box below.

Chapter Fifteen Take-Aways

  • Things you might want to outsource include: custom backgrounds, setting privacy settings appropriate to your objectives, professional photos, setup of and management of productivity tools.
  • Your entire social media campaign can be done in house.
  • Hire a dedicated intern or assign an entry-level person to specifically handle your social media campaign.
  • Have your intern read Thumbonomics so that he understands what protocol you want followed.
  • Make sure that whoever is managing your social media effort is dynamically propagating all your content from one centralized source using productivity tools.
  • If you really want to be a success in social media marketing, send your employees to at least two conferences a year to hob nob with specialists in their fields, and get to know people doing the same kind of work.
  • Bring a huge stack of business cards to conferences and trainings. Give out and collect as many business cards as you can.
  • When you or your staff returns from a conference, look up all these new contacts on Linkedin. Contact each one: “Great to meet you, can’t wait to connect and link up.”
  • Visit—we’ll keep an active list of all the most valuable resources and websites.
  • Don’t hesitate to outsource whatever you cannot manage in house.

Chapter Fifteen Tools and Websites

Recommended Conferences and Trainings