Thumbonomics Chapter Sixteen – Upcoming Trends

Congratulations on finishing Thumbonomics! In Chapter Sixteen, Heather discusses the trends she is already seeing and the ones you need to know about to stay current. What internet trends are you seeing in your business? Do you feel comfortable with all the changes in internet marketing, or are you struggling to keep up? Let us know via the comment form below. We greatly value your feedback.

Chapter Sixteen Takeaways

  • We will see more innovative ideas in website design, and rethinking of standard formats.
  • Every website will have an RSS feed, so followers can stay up to date with any changes to the content.
  • Forward thinking CMOs or CEOs will recognize the need to have all different types of engagement opportunities, not just good web content.
  • Following the lead of social media, there will be a multitude of different ways people can interact with your website, including: engage on their Facebook page, follow their tweets, subscribe to their blog, receive their newsletter, watch their videos, “like” buttons on every page and blog post.
  • It is the engagement level that will mean the most to your business in terms of online marketing.
  • The recession has forced companies to look at more progressive and cutting-edge marketing techniques.
  • Mobile marketing’s time has finally come, and the technology is growing very fast.
  • Adapt or Die!