Thumbonomics Chapter Two – The Road Map

Chapter Two provides a six step “road map” for starting your company off in social media marketing. I’d love your feedback on this chapter, as well as any experiences with using this road map for your business. Please place your comments in the comment form below.

Chapter Two Takeaways

  • Step One: Having a leadership team meeting brings all your executives and brand managers on board, addresses the fear around social media.
  • Step Two: Define your objectives; each department in your organization will have different goals.
  • Step Three: Create a small, start-up committee consisting of a few excited and savvy social media advocates. Include someone from HR, sales, IT, marketing, PR, etc.
  • Step Four: Hire a Social Media Brand Manager to oversee your social media efforts, if appropriate to the size of your firm.
  • Step Five: Pick the appropriate social media portals to start with, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and blogging.
  • Step Six: Productivity tool selection allows you to automate your social media efforts and let all your people get back to work.
  • Findability makeover of TaxMasters shows how a social media program was implemented for a real company, to solve real issues and build their brand.

Tools and Websites

  • Social media manager job description template: (Coming Soon)
  • Social Media Policy template: (Coming Soon)
  • Linkedin demographics and growth: (Coming Soon)
  • Facebook demographics and growth: (Coming Soon)
  • Twitter demographics and growth: (Coming Soon)
  • YouTube demographics and growth: (Coming Soon)
  • Blogging/RSS feeds demographics and growth: (Coming Soon)

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