Thumbonomics Chapter Three – The Fear Factor

In Chapter three, we discuss all the fears you and your executive management may have about taking your organization into the world of social media, and of course, how to allay them. Please post any feedback or suggestions about this chapter in the comment box below.

Chapter Three Takeaways

  • Corporations are afraid that getting involved with social media will negatively affect employees’ productivity, or that they will share something inappropriate online.
  • Another fear is legal issues: Are we liable for anything any employee puts out there? Are we liable for false claims?
  • The biggest fear for most companies is reputation management. They are terrified of unhappy customers posting something nasty online.
  • Using social media will not prevent unhappy customers, but it can give you a proactive approach that will keep you dominating the search results under your name.
  • If you don’t engage in social media, you’re missing out on an opportunity to protect your brand and its reputation.
  • Every day you don’t set up social media out of fear is another day you’ve given to your competitors to be at least one step ahead of you.
  • Your job as an executive or manager is to dispel the fear factor in every area, and lead the way.
  • Findability makeover showing what to do if someone has been complaining about your company or posting negative reviews on Yelp, Google Local or—step by step advice to turn a negative situation to your advantage.