Thumbonomics Chapter Four – The Rules of Engagement

Chapter Four gives you the first steps to setting up social media sites for your company. Have you already started that? Please take a moment and let us know how it’s going, or any feedback about this chapter, in the comment form below.

Chapter Four Takeaways and Web Sites

  • Create a written Social Media Marketing Policy specific to your organization’s needs, stating employee guidelines and rules for using all of your social media platforms.
  • A social media corporate policy should indicate what type of content is—and is not—OK to Tweet or post on any social media site during business hours. When your social media policy has been drafted, run it by legal.
  • Everyone in your organization who participates in social media profiles for your company must sign this document.
  • Reserve and hold all your core brand names on Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Facebook bysetting up new accounts with your corporate name. Every account should have the word “Official” in the title if possible.
  • Gather up rogue accounts set up by former employees, or fans of your company.
  • Decide on your online “voice;” how you wish to be perceived—gregarious, cutting edge, professional, thought leaders—whatever your corporate personality is.
  • All key people involved in the project will set up their Twitter, their YouTube, and their Facebook accounts with their professional persona.
  • Once you’ve tested your social media program for three to six months, it’s time to open the program up to the entire company, giving the program a new injection of enthusiasm.

Tools and Websites Used in This Chapter