Thumbonomics Chapter Five – Social Media Marketing Keywords for Findability

In Chapter Five, we get into the nuts and bolts of using keywords and keyword research. If you have used any of these tools, or would like to give feedback on this chapter, please use the comment box below. We would love to hear about other useful keyword tools you have used as well.

Chapter Five Takeaways

  • You make yourself “findable” on social media sites by strategically using keywords in everything you do.
  • Effective use of keyword phrases puts you in touch with a viable user audience that you can connect with, you can help, and last but not least—you can sell to.
  • Research has shown there are specific, directed actions people take as they’re moving through the buying cycle.
  • Discover how people search for your products and services during the “informational, shopping and purchasing” phases—what keywords are they using to search?
  • Using those keywords in your Facebook posts, your tweets, or the title of your video is how you get real bottom line revenue for your business.
  • Develop a list of 30 top performing keywords. The best place to find them—your PPC campaign.
  • Try to choose keyword phrases that get over 250 searches per month.
  • Findability Makeover: What is “Findability” and how can you manage your website to ensure those most interested are able to connect with and buy from you?

Chapter Five Tools and Websites