Thumbonomics Chapter Seven – Facebook Findability

Chapter Seven takes you up close and personal with the biggest of all the social media sites—Facebook. Everything you need to know about how to get going on Facebook is right here. Please let us know what you think! If you have had success using Facebook for business—we would love to hear about it. Any comments or feedback are greatly appreciated. (See comment box below.)

Chapter Seven Take-Aways

  • Facebook has over 750 million active users and 50 percent of them log in every day.
  • With Facebook, you can get exposure, tell the world who you really are, and create that all-important buzz.
  • When setting up your Facebook profile, remember—use your business persona.
  • Your profile should look professional and represent you as a business person. Use a photo of yourself in professional attire, preferably in a work environment.
  • You need to create both a business profile, and a business page, formerly known as a fan page.
  • Integrate the list of important keywords when writing your profile—or posting anything online.
  • Choose “Everyone” in the privacy settings so your Facebook profile and anything else you post is public and spiderable by Google.
  • Create both a business profile and a business page (used to be called a fan page).
  • The Business page is used to build fans of your business. Add constant, interesting, relevant updates such as discussions and contests, sales, events the company is hosting, any kind of insider info that followers can’t get anywhere else.
  • Add a “Like Box” to your site and give people an easy way to discover and follow your Business page.
  • Set up a “blog feed” to show each blog post on your Facebook wall.
  • Facebook ads can be targeted in various different ways, using demographic profiling.
  • Place your ad in front of a Facebook user based on the keywords used in their profile.
  • Findability Makeover: Expand your business online by thinking global, but acting local.

Chapter Seven Tools and Websites