Thumbonomics Chapter Nine – Linkedin Findability

Chapter Nine shows you how to set up your LinkedIn profile to rank under your important keywords in a Google search, as well as enhance your company’s rep and gather professional referrals. Are you already using LinkedIn? Please send us a comment as to how you are using it, along with any feedback about this chapter, in the comment box below.

Chapter Nine Take-Aways

  • Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies have accounts on this Business 2 Business portal.
  • Although not as big as Facebook, Linkedin is spidered and ranked by search engines.
  • Use Linkedin for business to business connections, identifying new prospects and new opportunities, keeping up with industry leaders and ranking in Google under high value keywords.
  • Set up an official company profile—then have employees do their individual business profiles.
  • Have each employee’s profile optimized for a different high value keyword. Give a training showing all staff how to optimize their profile for their particular keyword phrase.
  • When each employee sets up their personal profile, add a keyword to their last name. Put a relevant keyword in the job description box and throughout the profile.
  • Click the “Change public profile” button under your settings tab. This allows you to customize your Linkedin URL and include a keyword.
  • Use Linkedin applications to show company blog posts and tweets; company news and events right on the Linkedin homepage.
  • Findability Makeover—Heather Lutze uses Linkedin.

Chapter Nine Tools and Websites

Thought leaders to follow on Linkedin: