Top Secret Tips to Negotiate a Speaker’s Fee

Do you wish you could attract top notch speakers to your next event, but just don’t have the budget?

With event budgets getting lower and speakers’ fees getting higher, meeting planners have to jump through hoops to negotiate fees within their budgets. Here are 5 insider tips from a professional speaker on how to negotiate with us. (Just don’t tell my colleagues I told you!)

  1. Selling products – if we can sell our products at your event, a lot of times we can easily make up the difference of a lower speaking fee.
  1. Audience – Like me, most professional speakers have built their business around consulting, not speaking. If your attendees are a speaker’s target audience, that’s worth a whole lotta something, so be sure to play up your audience and the benefits to the speaker of being able to present in front of them.
  1. Honesty – be honest about your budget from the beginning and avoid promising what you cannot deliver. If the speaker wants to work with you, they will consider what you have to offer carefully. You might be surprised!
  1. Destination – everyone loves a fabulous location. I’ve spoken in Fiji, Hawaii, Vegas and other fabulous places around the world. Offering an extra night or two in a nice hotel can help sweeten the deal. You might want to take that into consideration when you decide on the venue for your event, as well.
  1. Branding – Every speaker is looking to build his or her brand. Can you offer sponsorship type packages to offset a low fee, such as the speaker’s logo in your brochure, on your website, on all presentation slides, etc?

Ultimately, you might be able to offer much more benefit to a speaker than just the fee. Keep that in mind when you negotiate. If you think a bit outside the box, I’ll bet you could come up with some perks that won’t bust your budget but that will interest your desired speaker.

If you’re looking to book a top notch internet marketing speaker, frankly I’m a bit afraid to talk to you now that you know all the tricks – but please call my office anyway at 303-841-1111 for my speaker’s rates.

Warm Regards,

Heather Lutze

Author, Internet Marketing Speaker & Consultant

Thank you for presenting at the 2010 SPIRE meeting. To say that your program was a big hit would be an understatement. We’ve received more positive feedback from your presentation than any other I can remember at a SPIRE meeting. You did a great job of explaining how social media can have a positive effect on the bottom-line. I believe the best reference I can provide is inviting you to speak at our annual convention.

Michael E. Robertson

President & CEO, Specialty Graphic Imagine Assoc.