Social Media Marketing Fears Eliminated in Thumbonomics Chapter Three

Thumbonomics Chapter Two — Internet Marketing Made Easier With a Social Media Marketing Road-Map

What if you had a detailed, comprehensive, step by step road-map for social media marketing success? Would that make it easier to take your company into tweeting, blogging or video-ing? Chapter 2 of Thumbonomics lays it all out for you in six easy steps. Here are the highlights of Chapter 2…. Start out with a leadership team meeting, bringing […]

Heather Lutze on Brainstormin with Bill Frank’s Radio Show

Our fearless leader, Heather Lutze, was on a radio show on Nov. 3 talking about Findability Group, a company that does internet marketing in Denver. On the radio show, called Brainstormin’ With Bill Frank, she talks all about search engine marketing and discusses important points from her book, The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to […]