Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing in the Social Media Age—Thumbonomics is Here!

Heather Lutze Gets Rick Rolled

2011 has really been the year of epic proportions for Findability. We finally got our hands on, launched a brand new website (yes we now have much greater sympathy for companies going through a website re-do process), but most importantly it has been the year for office pranks… The year in re-cap thus far: […]

A Sneak Peak at the New Internet Marketing Book Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing

My latest book, Thumbonomics, is “in layout”, which is the last step before it goes to the printer. Finally! Can you hear my sigh of relief?Lots of exciting things are happening here at Findability Group this fall. Our new website is up and running, (including the online Findability University for all you do-it-yourselfers) we’ve got […]

The One Thing – Vistage International

When asked “what is the one thing that has made the biggest bottom line profit for my company over the last year?”, it would definitely be speaking for Vistage International. Two years ago at an NSA Conference, I was pulled in for a quick interview to become a Vistage speaker. I had no idea what […]