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Do this one thing ! Turn off all your unused apps

WEEK 3 DIGITAL DETOX: DO THIS ONE THING! DELETE ALL YOUR UNUSED APPS Is your phone full of apps you don’t use? It can feel almost claustrophobic, seeing all that clutter on your smartphone screen. Clearing away old apps will help you stay more focused and on-task, and will also make it easier to find […]

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SEO Case Study #1: SEO Epiphany! Blah, Blah, Blah

Findability SEO Case Study  Meet the perfect SEO Case Study Findability example in EffectiveCommunication.com! Meet Terri Langhans, Certified Professional Speaker and effective communications expert. Terri decided to work with me after hearing me speak at her chapter’s National Speakers Association meeting. She started with the six-session webinar series, then hired me for private SEO coaching […]