SEO tools definitely make keyword research a lot easier and quicker. That’s why I made this video for you! For those of you out there who are all about being able to find results more efficiently, I want to share the three best SEO tools that I personally use and why they are awesome.

#3 Best SEO Keyword Tool

Tool #1 AnswerThePublic – A free tool that lets you put whatever keyword it is you want but that you can’t go too long. So you want to kind of stay short and concise on this one so it can give you all the recommendations of the longer version of these. All right, so you hit “go”. Now we’re gonna come down here and it’s gonna pull all the keywords. But what this does is it tells you all the different ways in which people are using the word SEO in their searches. But it aggregates it all together, and then you’ll see here it gives you this amazing circle and it’s: why are; where can; will; which; when; how. So all the different ways that people think about one specific keyword. Now this will keep you out of trouble and in your basement for a really long time if you’re just gonna talk about these things.


Tool #2 WordArt – This word cloud tool can be used to evaluate our content – our live content on the Internet. It’s a really simple word cloud tool. But it takes you just a little bit deeper into how you can use this for your website. You can put any domain name. You could put a competitor domain name in here, you can put your domain name in here, you can also do a longer variant of that like a blog post or something that has a long URL.

Now here’s the cool part – you’ll see here that it has pulled all the keywords. So what this lets us do is we are able to understand how a robot is piecing together all the different words in my page. And all the chunks rise to the top; the chunks are the keywords that are most repeated on the page. Therefore, those indicate what the page is relevant for. The ones that are most repeated are the biggest words in this word cloud. Now how I use this is when we hire content writers or we write a blog or a press release, we pop the content and we run it to make sure what we are writing is actually saying what we think it is. I’ll be writing a piece of content that’s actually relevant for the phrase that we’re trying to SEO for. So you know that the biggest words on your word cloud are going to be the keywords you’re trying to optimize for.

Tool #3 Keywords Everywhere – I love this tool because it is a Chrome or Firefox extension meaning that it’s going to show up in my tray. This tool allows you to see the keywords that are coming from the Google database are being shown to you in real-time in your search results, which is amazing!

But what makes this so cool is that it’s integrated right inside search results you don’t have to go to a fancy keyword tool to use this. Like you get every single variant of the keyword that you type and then you also get the search volume for each keyword. So everything you ever wanted to know about the keyword is right in front of you.


So AnswerThePublic, that gives you those amazing graphs that show you all the different ways that people search for any given topic. The next one was WordArt – when you want to check your work and you want to pop a piece of content into word art create that little word cloud and see if you’re actually talking about what you think you’re talking about. And if that word that shows up in the word cloud is nice and big then you know you’ve hit your SEO keyword. And the final tool in my vault is Install the extension!

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