5 Shocking Ways to Improve SEO

Let’s be honest here. When you hear the term “SEO” you probably think “boring”! You’re not alone. It can be hard to stay motivated all the time, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to sound impressive for their social media followers.

What’s my secret for keeping things fresh? I keep looking for new tools and tricks to keep it fun. Yes, I said it – F.U.N. This doesn’t have to hurt.

These are some of my favorites tools – they’re useful, save you time, and some might even surprise you with unexpected uses.

1. AnswerThePublic.com  

This takes Google queries to a whole new level, with incredible visuals. This tool gives you the breakdown of “who, what, where, why, when” questions for any keyword phrase. If that wasn’t enough, it also generates infographics and an excel sheet. This is absolutely brilliant for blogs, social media and web pages. Give answerthepublic.com a try!

2. May I Suggest …

Have you ever noticed that the bottom of a search results page has eight phrases with your keyword in it, such as in the image below? https://ubersuggest.io is an indispensable tool in your SEO kit. This site pulls all the useful “searches related to…” from the bottom of search results by keyword phrase and gives you every keyword idea related to it from A to Z. Consider these “related searches” as a keyword focus group – they are the words that bring you even closer to the people searching for your services. Now go and use those phrases in your content to create crowdsourced pages, blogs, and images related to your core term.

3. Take a Nibble

Nibbler.com is like that honest friend that always says it like it is. Nibbler runs an extensive test on your site and gives you immediate recommendations on how to make your site more findable. Search engines will never rank a site if it’s not technically trustworthy – this helps you get into the cool club. Bring this free report to your webmaster and tweak your site to get it into the limelight!

4.  Get Your Head Into The Clouds

Remember this? WordArt.com is one of those “used to be cool” tools that creates pretty word clouds. We’re going to use it rather differently here.

The secret superpower of this program is the ability to use it to “test” your content for relevancy. It can be hard to predict what a robot thinks your content is about, but this will let you know! Run your website URL in the tool and visually see how a search engine will interpret what you wrote. The biggest phrases in the cloud is what the page will rank for in search results.

“Hire Motivational Speaker” …. Nailed it!

5. Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Google.com/Alerts – Use this tool as a content listening machine, bringing you the buzz on the terms you choose. Visit google.com/alerts to get set up. If you have Google Alerts, it’s probably not set up to get the biggest bang for the buck… keep reading!

A few helpful points:

  • Use quotes around the words you want to track exactly. “Call for Speakers”, “Best Conference Speaker”, “Top Motivational Speaker”.
  • Do not forget to track your competitors!
  • Include your top keywords
  • Keep an eye out for people looking for speakers on your topics.
  • Add the entire first chapter of your book, as a little extra intellectual property protection – you’ll be the first to know if someone steals your content.

Good Luck and reach out or comment below for any additional questions.

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