A Website is Born! Findability.com

A WEBSITE IS BORN! Meet the New Findability.com

After many sleepless nights and devoted effort – A website is born: Checkout the brand new Findability.com. I am a proud mama and I’m excited to finally share my joy with you! I truly needed a crown jewel of an example of the right way to build a findable site. One that doesn’t need to be keyword stuffed or ugly to rank high. I had a vision and by gosh I was going to get this done.  

To be honest, my endeavor to create a beautiful and findable website began as a personal challenge: to not be the “cobblers” children with my own site. That is always embarrassing.

So, I started working on redesigning my website six months ago, with an idea of a new refreshed brand. One thing is for sure: The more you work, the more you learn, the more you know.  I typically redesign my site every three years as I just need to evolve and change with the times.

Let me take you on a behind the scenes tour of the making of a new findable brand. We are knocking down the house and building it from scratch. My old site was cobbled together over four years and I had a few failed relationships with web designers, yes even me (although I can be demanding for sure). As you know, I have exacting standards.

Let me show you how.

Circle the Wagons. Get your protein shake ready and your barista on call. Let’s do this thing. Here is what I needed to start to create.

Fill out this Creative Brief BEFORE you start. What slows down the process is no clear vision, no images that work for websites and the content needed on each page.

Download Here:

Before I even think about building a new site, I need to create certain elements to redesign my site. I was not just looking at a redesign, this is a from-scratch rebranding of my ENTIRE business.

Here is my rebranding checklist:

1) New Logo
2) New Photo Shoot
3) New Videos with bumpers
(video animations that come at the front and back of the videos)
4) Content Organization

 Ok Here We Go: I’m Excited to share the story with you!

New Logo: LogoTournament.com

I built one new logo on a web site I like very much called Logotournament.com. It’s an auction model for logos only. You get the best designers to make creations off of a creative brief you fill out.

For $275 we received 84 designs from 23 different designers from around the world. Here was the final winner.

Then we took that incredible looking logo, and built the other two branches of the company:

Much love until next week when we’ll cover the photo and video shoot. I will introduce you to my amazing photographer and videographer. Stay tuned.

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