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So I know there’s a lot of apps out there, there are apps for just about everything that you could think of, here are just a few of my favorites, I hope you will try them out as well and they may become some of your favorites as well.


This is a wonderful app for when you are driving. It takes a google map and adds roadblocks, police officers, and accidents so you are informed, I love this app especially when I am traveling in cities that I have never been to. It also will help reroute you in the case you make a wrong turn or run into road closure, I highly recommend this app.


 this is a great app for doing business, this is an app where you can send a gift card such as a Starbucks gift card to someone who you had a good meeting with, or to send a gift card to someone who made a referral to you, and it is a nice touch and people appreciate the thought behind it.


 this is a fun app to take your photos and make moving gifs out of them, you can add captions, this is great for Instagram and Facebook, these are fun and you can do so much with them to customize them to your business.


This app allows you to repost pictures and images from Instagram and allows you to give credit to the original poster.


This is a really fun app, you can create an avatar of yourself that you can use in emails, gifs, signatures etc. Below is an example of one of my assistant Gail’s avatars, they have them for everything, holidays, situations, current events even birthdays try it out. I would love to see what your avatars look like.


In the Apple store or on Google Play store, you can use your phone as a teleprompter while doing a Facebook Live, A  Zoom Webinar or Presentation you can place your phone in front of the computer and read your speech off your phone, that way you know exactly what you are going to say and avoid those awkward moments when you forget what your speaking about.

I just did a Live Webinar and it was all about Apps, and I invited my attendees to create a Jamboard which is available on Google and they shared some of their favorite apps, here is a screenshot of the jam board we created on that webinar, there were a lot of apps that I didn’t know about feel free to download some of the apps on these cards, and share with us in the comments below your favorite apps.

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