Bhakti Chai Tea: “Kick Your Butt” Drink SEO Case Study

Spicy Chai Tea Brilliance from Bhakti Tea Company

By Heather Lutze, Master
CEO & Keynoter, Findability Consulting and Speaking
Master Trainer, Findability University

I have been inspired to do a monthly column featuring a favorite product or service and then diving into their Findability online. Bhakti Tea Company has one of those magical elements that makes me drive across town to pick up a gallon and two pre-made bottles for later that day. I AM OBSESSED. I am sure you have at some point been dazzled by a product or service that captures a kind of primal excitement and you start thinking about that product all the time. Hmm Chai for breakfast, chair for lunch and chai for snack or dessert?

While I was shopping at Whole Foods,  I started a conversation with an employee at the customer counter.  They expressed how excited they were about the beverage because they had toured the plant in Boulder, Colorado. This immediately impressed me. But when I travel on a weekly basis, I cannot find their amazing product on the shelves of other food stores or in grocery stores. So here is what I discovered in researching how they an increase their brand awareness through online Findability to customers who do not know they exist but should.

Let’s run some Findability (SE)) scoring reports and see how they size up. These reports can help companies understand what critical elements that need to be addressed satisfy a robot ( Google) and the human experience. Findability can help them grow their business to a whole new level. Remember that customers are NOT LOOKING FOR YOU, they rely on GOOGLE TO MAKE THE MOST RELEVANT RECOMMENDATIONS. Let’s do some testing to see how ROBOTS see their site!

WooRank Report Score: 66 out of 100 measures your technical scores and what can be improved to make you site rank higher on search engines. You might think that 66 is a good score and it is, but there are many technical aspects detailed int his report that can help them tighten up the site.



Read Full Report:  WooRankReport-BhaktiChai Score: 79 out of 100 

Marketing Grader does an amazing job of looking at the wide picture of your engagement online. Gives you great advice on blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and mobile.  79 out of 100 is very good. But there is always room for improvement. – What keywords are they currently ranking under? 

This tool is an amazing way to see what keywords you currently rank for RIGHT NOW. It is a crime that they rank 2nd page, seventh position down on on results under the search “chai”. Exposure here at 18,100 searches per month ( 35,200/year) would build huge brand awareness. Of course they rank under their own name.



Great traffic increase over time, so their brand awareness is growing fast but only UNDER their name as they do not rank on page one for chai and many other valuable phrases. Remember, when the searcher searches for “chai latte”, they are looking for guidance and direction. As a business, you can decide to create a piece of content that meets that demand.

Keyword Ideas for Online Growth and Branding

Using the Adwords Keyword Planner, I looked for great keyword opportunities to increase their brand awareness under “chai” related keywords. I discovered some very nice search volume for “iced chai” keywords. Low search competition and good search volume numbers. Why not use those for blog posts or pages on their sites. They could use these as ideas for social media content as well. 
Inquisitive keyword phrases like “chai tea recipe” 8100/month, Chai Recipe 1,900/month, chai latte recipe 2,400/month. These are less obvious keyword phrases but they are warmer in nature and they are asking a search engine for help. If Bhakti tea focuses on “fix it” keywords, the searcher is looking for help from Google and whoever they display gets the click. This would be a great way to “hook” new customers who do not their brand but should.


Often times you are moved and inspired by a product that you love. I once heard from a stock broker that its always a good idea to invest in the products you love, you wear and you buy. Bhakti Tea has captured the essence of authentic real chia with its robust spicy flavors. As you can tell, I am huge fan. Let’ see if I can get this blog post to rank, post it on social media with their connection information and see if they reach out for a chat. Let the Findability begin.

Visit my favorite chai at


  1. What a great Case Study, Heather! Great insight for us and some very actionable things we can focus on to increase our SEO. Appreciate you focusing on our brand and your obvious devotion to our spicy brew!

    Keep in touch!


    1. Thank for replying. I adore your chai and drive across town to get it every month. When will your products be available in nationwide stores? I travel a lot and would love to have it more often on the road.

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