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Michael Solomon- Why People Buy..Search Party Podcast

I am thrilled to bring you another podcast from my “Search Party” Podcast, this week I am featuring my podcast with Michael Solomon Phd. Meet Michael Crack the code on why consumers buy your products and services, International Speaker and renowed Author Michael Solomon who is a thought leader in the field of marketing and […]

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Drinks Before Dinner: Get to Know Your Customer’s Words!

SEO – or what I like to call Findability – is absolutely riddled with misunderstandings. The only way to organically rank for specific, targeted keyword phrases is the create a keyword map. This map taps the mindset of the searcher and helps guide your content creation, tailoring it to what is ALREADY being searched for. […]

What An Astounding Year It’s Been!

2017 has been a year of change, challenge and showing the depth of the human spirit. We all watched, riveted, as we witnessed horrific natural disasters that have torn people’s lives apart around the world, and we’ve also seen the incredible acts of kindness, courage, compassion and resourcefulness that have come from people stepping up […]


[title size=”1″]THE ULTIMATE SEO BOOK WANNABE NERD READING LIST[/title] By Heather Lutze, CEO and Master Trainer CEO, Findability Consulting & Speaking Master Trainer [one_fourth last=”no”] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=”yes”] Information overload is how I would describe my professional life. If you are anything like me, you see hundreds of tweets a day, hashtags everywhere (#HeatherLutze), and […]

“Offline Marketing” Tips from an Online Marketing Firm

With all the fuss about online marketing and social media marketing, we don’t want our clients to forget old school, “off-line” marketing because it can still be very effective. Here at Findability Group Denver, we work with businesses of all sizes, from international corporations with entire marketing departments to small businesses and even solo-preneurs. If […]

Thumbonomics Chapter Two — Internet Marketing Made Easier With a Social Media Marketing Road-Map

What if you had a detailed, comprehensive, step by step road-map for social media marketing success? Would that make it easier to take your company into tweeting, blogging or video-ing? Chapter 2 of Thumbonomics lays it all out for you in six easy steps. Here are the highlights of Chapter 2…. Start out with a leadership team meeting, bringing […]