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Landing Page Fundamentals

by Heather Lutze, CEO/Founder Lutze Consulting [display_podcast] In the world of Pay Per Click marketing, so many terms are thrown around in reference to strategy like ROI, CPA and Landing Page. I often get the question, “What is a landing page? Is this not my home page of my site?”. The answer to these questions […]

What Happens After the Click? – Google Analytics

[display_podcast] What happens AFTER someone clicks on your paid search ads? This data can often be the make or break of your paid search campaigns. You can gain great insight into your visitor behavior and other vital information from your hosting information analysis often provided from your site hosting provider. However, this information is often […]

Welcome to the first Podcast

Welcome to our first podcast. Let me introduce myself. My name is Heather Lutze and I am the owner / founder of Lutze Consulting LLC for the past eight years. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Pay Per Click and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) clients to help them gain greater exposure on […]