Check Out This YouTube Video for Internet Marketing Inspiration

YouTube, the video giant, continues to blow up online. It is now the number two search engine, ranked second only to Google itself. And yet, video remains one of the main social media marketing areas that businesses shy away from.

Whether companies do not think they have the expertise to make decent quality videos (it’s easier than you think!) or simply cannot come up with any good ideas, the fact is that video is many people’s preferred way to learn. It will only continue to get bigger and bigger. There are many consumers who simply don’t want to read, especially online.

They want to be shown.

They want to be entertained, or even blown away.

They want to be intrigued and inspired and delighted.

And video is the perfect way to do it. If you’ve ever fancied yourself the next Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg, now’s your chance. If your business has not yet ventured into social media marketing via video, now is the time to start. Thumbonomics Chapter 10 can help you out with some of the technical aspects, such as how to set up your YouTube channel and make sure your videos will rank via the use of keywords in the right places.

But what about the ideas? If you have no interesting or original ideas for videos, where can you get them?

One of the things that makes video so popular, and causes so many videos to go viral, is its ability to showcase the unique and innovative. All kinds of people and businesses are coming up with ideas that amaze and delight viewers. Consider this incredible 15 minute video posted by TED, the nonprofit organization “devoted to ideas worth spreading:

Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong.

Frankly, this is a MUST WATCH!

Composer Whitacre leads a “virtual choir” of singers from all over the world, who uploaded their “demos” of his composition to YouTube. Needless to say, this powerful video went viral, having who-knows-what effect on Whitacre’s already wildly successful career.

We suggest you take a look at this video, and see if it sparks your creative juices.

In fact, we suggest that you reach out to people that you know, and ask them if they have seen any amazing videos lately. Take a look at them… then get together with your staff (who can all be asking people they know to forward videos as well) and do some brainstorming.

If you go onto YouTube, you will notice down the left hand column there are categories such as “trending,” “popular,” and more. Take a look at what’s hot right now. When you have no ideas of your own – that’s when you need to get inspiration from others.

A few hours spent investigating video can lead to many ideas for marketing your business and getting your name out there that you might never have come up with before.

Need any help with a social marketing campaign? Contact us today! Oh, and by the way – our staff is pretty darn creative. Once we get to know what you do, you can bet we’ll have some effective internet marketing ideas for you.

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