Convert Social Media to Customers Fast!

We are going to be talking about how to get more conversions from your social media and from your website. So I’m excited to show you some of the tools that are part of my everyday practice. 

So when we’re thinking about conversion on a website, there’s a couple of different things we need to think about. The first one is there a clear call to action. What do we want a potential client to get once they click on that link?. 

Is it just a contact us button, or a download such as a checklist or white paper. Let’s think about this, when you go to a website and see a call to action, what makes you want to click on that? 

Let’s face it a contact button is going to be a sales call, no way around it, they are going to click on it and they will add their information to a mailing list, it’s not rocket science it is just the nature of the beast. Are you thinking to yourself…

They are definitely going to be selling me something but I want to find out. So you have to give them something for clicking the link and entering their email.

Now, what happens once you enter that email address, who answers it? How Quick will they respond? So what I want to challenge you to do is to rethink your contact us and it not be an offer… Now, when I come to your website, you gotta have it on there, right? It’s kind of, it’s required that it be there.

However, what you ask them to do when they get here is really important. 

On my site I have a call to action “Book Your FREE Discovery Call” now once they book that call what are they going to get, I am going to run some reports such as word art, Answer the Public, and a few techies reports to give an overall view, enough to wet their appetite.  

I don’t pressure them I have Gail my assistant send them a follow-up email after their call, what they get is a recording of their call, a pdf of my book Marketing Espionage, a Free trial of SEMRush, an overview of services, and proposals if they ask for it at the end of our call, and last references, so forgetting that one hour call, they get information on how to work with me, it’s a win-win!

So what’s really important is, when you get someone on the phone that you set the expectations up front, you are not going to be selling them on your services. At the end of the call, if they are interested in learning more about what it’s like to work with you, they will ask “So How Do I Work With you?”

That is our goal. We want them to ask how they can work with us.

If you can find a way to create something, they can download such as The Six Essential Steps for Better  Communications with your IT group, or The Three Biggest Mistakes that People Make in Personal Safety. You can give them a download of a pdf version of a book or a guide or even an assessment.

Let’s face it, everyone likes getting something for FREE, I know I do, So when someone answers your call to action, make it worth them clicking. And this will make them more likely to convert into becoming a client or customer. And that is our goal, right?

Share with us your call to action and what your potential clients will get when they click.

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