Catastrophic Failure to Launch: Is Your Site Really Ready?

There are critical indicators that absolutely need to be addressed BEFORE you launch your new site. 
These check marks are carefully evaluated by Google and search engines. If you do not want to lose any credibility you have built with search engines to date, you 100% need to review the document below with your designer.

I’m going to share my Essential Pre-Launch Checklist. It contains all the critical elements that need to be checked before you launch the new site. You wouldn’t build a rocket after it was launched into space, and you don’t want to shoot your company out into the world until you’ve built the right website with all the right tools for it to grow with. Until your designer says that all have been addressed, do not move forward with the launch. Capiche?


Sometimes it’s just as important to know what NOT to do, as what to implement. Here are some hazards to avoid! Don’t get trapped in the consequences of a faulty foundation for your site.


(Don’t do these!)

1: No redirects from old pages to new pages on the site

2: Images are not named with the keyword phrase for Google images

3: No updated – keyword-rich – titles and descriptions for each page on the site

4: No Google analytics code on every page of site for tracking

5: No Google webmaster tools setup

6: No Google alerts setup

7: No SEO tracking tools like or

8: Updating your domain name expiration to five years for Google trust

9: No Yoast or SEO all-in-one plugins installed in WordPress

10: Not deleting “no follow” tag from robots.txt before launch

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