Disney Castle Wedding (58 searches) vs. Disney Wedding (49,500 searches) – Quality vs. Quantity counts in Internet Marketing

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In Internet Marketing, quality keyword targeting is always our goal. For example, working with potential client, Dreammaker International, it is extremely important to find their ideal keywords that connect them with their target audience.  In Dreammaker’s case, they offer their elite clientele a vacation experience of a lifetime. Dreammaker’s founder, Gregory Patrick, has an amazing talent to create a travel experience that matches his clients’ personalities and desires with no expense spared. See Dreammaker’s  amazing website at www.Dreammaker360.com

As such, Dreammaker does not want to connect their website with every online searcher, only those in search of a fabulous, once in lifetime experience with the budget to match. For example, although Gregory can certainly arrange a “Disney Wedding” which gets 49,500 searches a month, a Dreammaker client would be more likely to search for something a bit more elite, such as “Disney Castle Wedding” which only receives around 58 searches month.

As a strategic Internet Marketing firm, we see the value of quality clicks versus a mind-blowing quantity of traffic. Targeting the keyword Disney Castle Wedding would bring Dreammaker (1) higher search engine ranking faster, due to less competition and (2) leads that are more qualified from his website. A customer who has typed “Disney Castle Wedding” into a search engine is already telling that engine that they are interested in a more elite experience for their wedding and are gathering information with a higher budget than normal in mind.

In your Internet Marketing endeavors, always be thinking about keywords that pre-qualify your Internet traffic- in most cases you can rank much faster under them and you will get much better leads from your efforts.

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