Do Images Matter for SEO? No More Blah Blah Blah Graphics

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Are you building a new website or redesigning one?

Starting from the ground up gives you a powerful opportunity to create architecture that supports your Findability and a bold graphics that reflect your branding. I’m not just talking about the usual color, fonts or layout either.

My client Terri Langhans, Certified Professional Speaker and Effective Communications Expert wanted to improve her Findability, so she took my webinar series, then signed up for private SEO coaching. Even though Terri has a successful career in marketing, she needed input to help more prospects find her website.

The first step for Terri was to redefine her target audience and who she wants to connect with online. Then she spent time getting clear about what she wanted to offer them. Once this strategic exercise was complete, we conducted extensive keyword research to choose just the right phrases used by her ideal clients.

At this point Terri realized her domain name wasn’t helping her and this was a big SEO epiphany. Her url – – picked up on her company branding (Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Inc.) but did not communicate why people hire her nor did it help with Findability. To remedy that, she selected as her new domain which quickly communicates what she does. It’s not clever like her original url, but it sure is a lot more Findable!

Before the SEO Epiphany!

Redesigning the Site Architecture

Once Terri changed her domain, it made a lot of sense to redesign her site. Our goal was to revamp her site’s architecture, making the most of the new keywords. This was an incredibly exciting and rewarding project because starting from the ground up gave us the chance to build the website strategically page by page.

Using the keyword site map, we crafted her new architecture and page hierarchy; determining both primary and secondary navigation. The primary buttons focus on the keyword phrases that her ideal clients use to find her. The secondary navigation at the very top of the page includes the usual things you expect, with buttons for her different services, the about page, contact, etc.

Writing a Creative Brief

How do you tell a designer what you are looking for graphically? The very best way is to prepare what’s called a Creative Brief which is a document that outlines what you want to communicate, the tonality, colors and elements that need to be included. The document is traditional in the world of advertising to ensure marketing and communication objectives are clear as well as the overall look that is desired.

Using the brief for website development is a smart practice and I helped Terri write hers which she then shared with several designers. Talking through the document with each one helped her choose the right designer and allowed them to work well together with a common understanding of the design.

Engaging Photography

Since Terri was willing to completely redesign her site, she had the chance to plan her photography, too. We talked about shots that would support her branding, her personality and would make the photos more engaging for visitors. She took this list to her photographer and had him shoot a bunch of pictures holding a blank white board at different angles. This gave her a focal point for copy and integrated her personality into the design.

The result is very engaging with Terri integrated with her copy. Every single detail works together in harmony to communicate what Terri offers and speaks directly to the two types of client she is seeking; people who need to communicate effectively and meeting planners who hire speakers.

This was an incredible project and I’m happy to say Terri is thrilled with the end results. Her new website clearly communicates what she does and her keywords and branding are woven strategically through every page. Her website stands out from her competitors’ more conventional sites and she is Findable!

I’d be happy to help you get these same great results with Findability and website design. I have a group of professionals I can recommend to help with development and graphics. Call me at 888-588-9326 or email me and let’s talk about improving your Findability and creating an outstanding website design.

Findability Ready!



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