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In my chapter on “How to Hire and Fire A Web Designer” from Marketing Espionage, I had to dig deep, as this is a sensitive subject that has caused me great pain

I work with clients that need web developers. I always try them out before I buy on my own work.

Yet, even with my keen Spidey senses, I still had some bumps in the road to finding my team.  

One of my clients had a site built after our Findability work. I asked him who built his site. He said ‘Heather, I had to kiss a lot of frogs, before I found your prince. His name is Paritosh from New Delhi, India.”

I paused for a moment. He sensed the hesitation in my voice, and then said:

“Heather, this team is different. Give them a try.” So I took a leap of faith and hired Paritosh to do my site. My rules are they are paid a living wage and they have excellent working conditions. He sent me this: 

My heart soared when I saw the team. Paritosh thanked me for acknowledging his team and their importance in the process.

Their office is not a “sweat shop” but a business with employees with families to feed. Paritosh told me that his team has been the same for six years. 

He has been the most responsive, talented and timely group I have ever worked with.

I expected to be disappointed. I expected slow responsiveness, language barriers and lack of implementation. I could not have been more wrong. 

I am pleased to say I have a new development team in Creative Business Labs, and Paritosh’s team.

I opened my eyes, took a leap of faith and it has been built back up. Feel free to reach out to him for affordable, high quality WordPress design and development.

I look forward to many websites to come.

Thanks Team Paritosh. You have impressed me. No easy task.


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