Do This One Thing for Social Media!

Nowadays, business owners focus their attention on making efforts to make their brand findable online. To tell you honestly, this is the best time for you to start dominating online options for your business. 

I understand that most of us are really new at exploring using Social Media for your business. Of course, we used this for our everyday personal things, but with our business… I think that’s another story to tell.

So, everything is set, you’ve got your profile started and you’re ready to roll. Days have gone by, but you still see low numbers or likes on your page. Relax, and take it easy. Because today I’m going to tell you how to do this “one” thing for social media and you’re going to see your numbers skyrocket.

Pixabay is one of my favorite tools ever since I started using social media to grow my business. 

This is a fantastic resource because all the images are royalty licensed free. So, if you don’t already know, you never, ever take an image from Google Images it could cost you big time.

We want to know that we can really trust that video is for full commercial license use. When you share it on social media for your business, what you’re looking for is something that you’re not going to get in trouble with. Pixabay is a great resource for this.

Emotive Quality

What I recommend you do is when you’re posting something on social, you want to really have an emotive quality. You want to have something that says “love”. Or says “sadness”or says “excitement”. You want to put in the emotive response that the visual is going to get a reaction.

You want your target audience to feel and to relate by simply looking at the photos that you share in social media. So in the search bar try to use keywords like relaxation, or something that will describe and resonate to what they’re feeling.

When you’re thinking about it, how do you go about getting these wonderful emotive pictures, if I see one more background with quotes on it, I am going to poke my eyes out, just stop it.

I want you to post something that really has an emotive quality that once it makes me do something. Something the way I’ll feel when I’m working with you or when I’m reading your content or following your social. 

As you go further in looking for images you’ll use for your social media you can see different points of view in each word that you are trying to search for. It’s really fun that you get to see these different images because this means you can move freely in choosing what’s the best image to use for your brand. 

That is why I like using Pixabay and incorporating it to a caption that will resonate with my followers. These images that I found in Pixabay become avenues in expressing my message in such a creative way. I know you’ll love using this as much as I do. 

The best part is that Pixabay is that it is absolutely royalty-free and safe to use. This will save you on using Google images that can get you to trouble in the future. I suggest you maximize using this tool for your social media. 

It’s really simple, isn’t it? Go to Pixabay, Pick in a motive phrase like relaxation, angry or grumpy.  You’re going to get much more likes and followers and subscribers because you picked fantastic images that actually create a response.

I hope you use this tool as much as I do for my business. If you want to know more about simple tips and discover new tools for your social media and SEO, be sure to follow us on our social media platforms. 

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Watch the full video here: Do This One Thing for Social Media


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