Do This One Thing On Your Website


We’re going to look at doing this one thing on your website. What are some easy tips that you can go in right away today that will take less than 5 minutes that will make a big difference in your website design?

When you were thinking about what’s the one thing I can do in less than 5 minutes that’ll make a huge impact on my website, I want you to think about, “What am I saying on the home page?” There is one tool it’s going to take you less than 5 minutes to check and say, “What am I really saying to a robot about what my page is all about?” 

We’re going to go to a tool called word is going to tell you exactly what Google thinks your homepage is relevant for. Because you’ve gone to all the work of designing that bad boy. But what are you saying to a robot about what it’s about?

When you’re WordArt, you will see 2 buttons and now we’re going to go to import. Now, when you hit import, there are 2 buttons. One says the text, one says web. We’re going to hit the web button. 

Put your website address in just the home page, Now, why this is so incredibly important is oftentimes we get into our own head about how to write good copy.  Google is interpreting what that page is about. Do that one thing. Less than 5 minutes and see if you’re really talking about what Google is going to rank you for. 

But those of you who know me, I am Google tool crazy. I love all things tools. If you want to get your tool geek on with me, follow me on my social media channels. 

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