Do This One Thing….Set Up Google Alerts Correctly

Google Alerts are a great way to watch yourself and your competition online.

Make the information come to you!

Forget late-night clicking to see what the competition is doing. Let Google Alerts do the heavy lifting!

Here’s how to make the most of this useful tool:  Go to

1) Use quotes for all the words you want to get alerts for. For example: “heather lutze”.

2) Add all product names and proprietary naming of any kind – your “findability formula”.

3) Add all names of executives and key players for your team.

4) Make sure to also include the names of your competitors – for example “”.

5) Protect the copy on your page: Put all the text from your homepage into quotes. Then if anyone steals your site, you will be the first to know with a helpful alert!

6) If you’re an author, put all of your first chapter in quotes and watch who steals your book, or information from it. I often do not chase those people – I guess they are spreading the word  – but it’s always good to know, especially if they’re trying to profit off your hard work.

7) Speakers? Put “Request for Speaker” or “Marketing Speaker” in your alert to see what new opportunities might await you.

Important tip: Make sure to set your alerts to a weekly digest so you do not fill up your inbox with google alerts. If its critical, then put that one alert and have it sent daily.

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