Do this one thing ! Turn off all your unused apps




Is your phone full of apps you don’t use? It can feel almost claustrophobic, seeing all that clutter on your smartphone screen. Clearing away old apps will help you stay more focused and on-task, and will also make it easier to find the things you need!

If it doesn’t bring you genuine usefulness or joy, it’s time to take some advice from Frozen – Let it goooooo!


There are all sorts of ways to delete your apps from you iPhone, but the simplest is to hold your finger down on any app, so that they all start wiggling around and have the X’s in the corner. From there, just tap on the X for each app you want to get rid of!

Another way to delete apps on an Apple device is from the Settings app. In iOS 11, Tap Settings > General > iPhone Storage. A list of your apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. This list is useful because it shows how much storage each app actually uses. That may include just the app itself or the app plus all its files that come from using it. If you need to free up a specific amount of space—perhaps when you want to download a movie—this is a good place to look.

iOS 11’s Offload Unused Apps setting.

Deleting from here is simple, too: Tap on an app’s name, then tap Delete App.

There’s another setting here you may want to take a look at. Above the app list is a setting called Offload Unused Apps. This setting will remove apps you don’t use when you need the storage. The documents and data associated with those apps will be saved, and you can reinstall the app when you need it. You can also get to this setting in iOS 11 via Settings > iTunes & App Stores.



This is a really useful app! It’s actually more than just an uninstaller program – it tracks applications’ activities and records the last time that the app was used. When it’s time to delete, it will offer up suggestions of the apps you haven’t used in a while, instead of you needing to go wading through them all on your screen.

As a fun side bonus, it can also be used to discover what apps are running in background and draining your battery. Double win!

Next week, we’re going to look at some tools for nighttime phone users in particular, in our digital detox. (Which is basically all of us.) Talk to you then!

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