Do This One Thing…to Improve Your Blogging and Social Content

Ever seen the “searches related to…” at the bottom of Google Search Results?

Many people barely notice them, but they actually offer a wealth of ideas on how to go deeper into your topic. It gives you a resource to find out just how people are searching for the things you have to offer!

Step One: Choose a keyword

Step Two: Google that keyword, and scroll down to the bottom of results page.

Step Three: You will see a group of “Searches Related to…Keyword Phrases” – this is a treasure chest of related phrases. If you are an industry leader in Leadership Training, for example, then you should consider writing about:

You will also see questions (sometimes) in the search results as well. Answer these questions as part of your content strategy.

Tools like and will also gather all those “searches related to…” and give you downloadable lists to reference as well.

Now that you have some great direction, you’re ready to take an important step in becoming Findable! Want some insider insight? Call today and we’ll show them all what your site can do at full throttle!

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