Does Blogging Help with SEO? It sure does!

“Does blogging help with SEO?” has been an essential question that business owners have been avoiding for years. I just presented to a group of 35 CEOs and asked how many were blogging. Only two people raised their hands! I derive two conclusions out of this situation:

  • Often owners can’t be bothered because it’s time consuming.
  • Many pressure themselves to blog too frequently and then end up throwing in the towel because they were overly ambitious.

Regardless of your company’s size, at one point you might begin hearing about the true benefits of a blog for SEO, and you might decide you want to give “blogger SEO” a try. I say go for it.

But before you do, let’s talk about some real facts about blogging, and let’s see why it’s so important for your online business success.

Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Only if you know how to do it right:

By Blogging you get to share your knowledge and expertise and set yourself up as a thought leader.

Of course – no one was born knowing how to write SEO friendly blog posts. Some of the biggest traps new blog writers fall for might include:

  • Creating duplicate content
  • Content that goes on forever
  • Lack of consistency when publishing online

In order to write great blogs you’ll need to overcome certain challenges, and each one brings a benefit and a reward for you.

Your SEO Blog Guide

Challenge No.1 
Your fresh content is your own, and it provides real value to your ideal clients, it gives them something new.


By not creating duplicate content you become more relevant in search engine rankings and a lot more people see you.


You become Findable for your ideal clients, and you upgrade your image online; a beacon of knowledge and expertise.

Challenge No.2 
Your posts are focused, to the point and they provide a multimedia experience for the user.


Your blogs don’t need to be lengthy like War and Peace. Yes, a post can be an information-packed article, but it can also be a video with a caption, a graphic with a description, or a paragraph with a link.


The more variety you provide for your clients, the higher the chances they will come back for more. Keep them educated and entertained.

Challenge No.3 
You understand how Social Media works and you regularly post across multiple platforms (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter…).


You get a chance to express yourself in different ways and reach the most clients, anywhere and anytime.


Your voice is heard and Google respects your consistent blog posting, Social Media Presence, and smart Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Content Writing Tips – A Little Reminder of How Search Engines Work

The SEO industry emerged to develop web content that search engine robots recognize as relevant so the pages are ranked higher in search results.

Optimizing for SEO means using your keyword phrases properly to capture search engine attention and show up in search results. This is a holistic practice that takes into account your website content, blogging, links, and social media.

Blogging is more like a marathon than a sprint and it takes time to see the return on your investment, but at the same time you must not lose your enthusiasm: Thought leaders publish regularly.

Google wants to rank the most learned and published thought leaders.

Your website may not change over time once you launch it, but your blog is an ongoing commentary on the work you’re doing day-to-day. This is no longer optional. Google expects it.

When you post a blog on social media sites, be sure to link back to your website to drive traffic (inbound links).

Do This One Thing…to Improve Your Blogging and Social Media Content

Have you ever seen the “searches related to…” at the bottom of Google Search Results?

Many people barely notice them, but they actually offer a wealth of ideas on how to go deeper into your topic. It gives you a resource to find out just how people are searching for the things you have to offer!

Step One: Choose a keyword.

Step Two: Google that keyword and scroll down to the bottom of results page.

Step Three: You will see a group of “Searches Related to…Keyword Phrases” – this is a treasure chest of related phrases.

You will also see questions (sometimes) in the search results as well. Answer these questions as part of your content strategy.

Tools like and will also gather all those “searches related to…” and give you downloadable lists to reference as well.

Does Commenting on Blogs Help SEO?

Only if the comments are relevant. They help you increase backlinks to your website and also help the quality of your content and the overall keyword variation.


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Now that you have some great direction, you’re ready to take an important step in becoming Findable! Want some insider insight? Call today and we’ll show them all what your site can do at full throttle!

Does Blogging help with SEO? Most definitely, and I can help you establish all the elements you’ll need for your success!