Drinks Before Dinner: Get to Know Your Customer’s Words!

SEO – or what I like to call Findability – is absolutely riddled with misunderstandings. The only way to organically rank for specific, targeted keyword phrases is the create a keyword map. This map taps the mindset of the searcher and helps guide your content creation, tailoring it to what is ALREADY being searched for. It lets you market to a demand that already exists and is actively searching for what you offer.

Web sites are like books. A book has a cover (your homepage), table of contents (your site navigation) and pages of content (your body copy). Think of your site for the full story and NOT just a sales brochure.

All the keywords you see in the map below are the words that Jay’s ideal customers search with in Google. The number under each keyword is the annual search volume for that one phrase. It’s very important to remember that we must use THEIR language, and not our own style of communicating, to get them to the site. Remember, we must get them to church first and then convert them. Not the other way around.


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