Empower Your Marketing Team with
State of The Art SEO & AI Training

Are you a business owner struggling to be seen in the crowded online space? Imagine if your potential customers could easily find you — think of the impact that would have on your business! That's where our unique strategy comes into play. We're not just about SEO; we're about making you the most discoverable business in your niche. We empower your team to bring your Digital marketing in-house and save thousands. 

This comprehensive package is a blend of DIY tasks, supportive community, and expert guidance directly from Heather Lutze. It's designed to elevate your online presence and align your business goals with actionable, results-driven strategies.

What's Included in Your Findability Journey:

  • Half Day Private Virtual Training with Heather Lutze & Rebecca Metz (Project Manager) 
  • Super Simple SEO Video Course
    (Valued at $997):

    A treasure trove of SEO insights and techniques that are both easy to understand and implement.
    Half-Day Virtual Workshop:** A focused session to dive deep into the specifics of enhancing your online visibility.
  • Findability Workshop Manual:
    Your go-to guide for all things Findability.
  • Marketing Espionage Books for Your Team:
    Unlock the secrets of leveraging competitor intelligence to your advantage.
  • Six 1-Hour Consultation Calls with Heather Lutze and Rebecca Metz, Project Manager: Tailored advice and implementation strategies to ensure you're on the right track.
  • Custom Trello Project Management Board: 
    Stay organized and on top of your findability journey with a personalized management tool.
  • Introduction to Trusted Digital Vendors: 
    Connect with our network of reliable professionals for additional support.
  • Special Offer:
    20% of this package's cost can be applied to future services, ensuring your continued growth and success.

Invest in Your Business's Future - Total Package: $9997

Embark on this transformative journey and make your business the most findable entity in your niche. Let's get started!

I attended Heather's in person SEO workshop. It was one of the most valuable workshops I ever went to. I came home, did the work, and it leads to my being found via search and booking new business over the next year.

Thom Singer

CSP Human Connection Catalyst Engaging Speaker / Trainer Business Development & Trust Edge Coach
SEO sometimes feels like some mysterious concept, but Heather and Findability University has removed the mystery. The journey has been a great learning experience, which is helping to our company to launch our products into new markets and growing our company. Looking forward to the future with your help!

Anthony Nicks

ERL Marine