Executive Log In Sheet- Protect Your Ass-ets

Let’s talk as a business owner about brand protection!

People can go on and talk about you in any way they want. We have a program that we call the brand protection toolkit. All you have to do is to download the Executive Log In Sheet attached to this blog. This tool is a must have for every business owner, you need to know how to access your assets.

They’re all over the place. Every time I sit down with a company, I’m like, “Okay, where’s your YouTube? Where’s your LinkedIn? Where’s your Google Analytics?” The awkward silence… And everyone’s just looking at each other like, “Do you know where it is? Do you know where it is? 

How about you, you know where it is? Oh, that guy that used to work for us. He set that up. Well, that guy used to work for us, he did that.” I’m like, “Oh, God. Here we go.” I want to make sure that this does not happen to you. 

Let’s take a look at what I call the executive login sheet. These are all of the things that I see people looking at each other for. “Do you know where that is?” Is that the guy that left? Is that the guy we fired?” You know, there are all these things that have to be in one location. 

Let me walk you through some of the critical ones. 


When does your domain name expire and what credit card is associated with that domain. Very important that you know when those things are going to be expiring. Like I said in a prior video, you always want to buy 2 years ahead on your domain. 

Don’t wait till it has 3 months out. I don’t care if it’s on Auto-renewal. Google doesn’t know what’s on auto-renewal. When Google sees that you are getting down to like 6 months and then 3 months and then 1 month, it’s like, “Ummm, are you coming back? Where are you going?” 

Google tends to get a little nervous about that. Make sure you have that purchased ahead at least 2 years. Your website hosting is also very important. You need to make sure you are on a  secured server and you have a dedicated IP. Just call your hosting service and say I want HTTPS on every page of my website. 

That’s a secured server and a dedicated IP address that you’re not sharing. Most of the hosting companies sell shared IP addresses. Sharing is not caring. We want to make sure that we’re not sharing our IP address, this is so very important. 


Now if you have a WordPress website, then you already have a blog. It’s part of the system that is WordPress. When you go into the backend of your website, you’ll see that there are posts and there are pages. Pages are pages on your website and posts are your blog now. 

What’s important about the blog is that you know how to get in, you know how to delete and you have a username and password for your blog, very important. Usually, they’re the same as your website. Make sure you have your website logins as well that you have them at a moment’s notice, this is so important especially when your website goes down and you need to take quick action and your web person is nowhere to be found.

Now my husband did extensive research on encrypted tools like LastPass. I recommend LastPass because it is double and actually triple encrypted. It’s encrypted on your computer, it’s encrypted in the cloud and it’s encrypted in your account on the cloud. 

If for whatever reason someone walks out the door, they have all of these logins and they’re not super happy, you get that panicky feeling because you don’t know what they’re going to do and you don’t know where they live to go and shut them out. But having this even if it’s written down locked in your desk, I don’t care as long as you have it where you can pull it out and say change, change, change, change, change. Boom, you’re protected and that person is on their merry way. 

You know that as a business owner, as an executive, as even just an entrepreneur, those assets are gold for you. We need to really treat them as precious items.

Google Analytics

Yes, it’s pretty nerdy. I get it, and a lot of people set it up and they never look at it. We’re going to be doing a lot of videos around Google Analytics. But just make sure you’ve got your logins and make sure that all of your Google assets –so, your Google business listing, your Google Analytics, your Google Webmaster Tools which we’ll talk about in a minute. 

Everything is under the same login. So, if you have them all over the place, make sure you get them all back together and set up a Gmail account like your name admin at gmail.com. So, mine is findabilityadmin@gmail.com. 

I go into Google Analytics, I change the email address. I go into webmaster tools, change the email address. So, everything is pointing toward that one profile. Google wants to be able to understand that every profile, every website has a human connection to it. 

When you go in you set a Gmail up, you have to put your contact information, your name, your phone number. You establish a human presence behind a digital presence. It’s really important that you set that up and put everything under the same domain or the same logins, trust me. 

You’re going to want to do this because they’re probably all over the place. 

Social media. 

How many of you are actively doing social. However, Google looks and sees if you have all of those social handles that match your domain name. Facebook business page, Instagram Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Snapchat. 

Like, I’m never a law firm. I’m never going to use Snapchat. It’s not that I think you’re never gonna use it as I don’t want anyone else to get it. By going in there and reserving a lot of those, you’re really protecting yourself in a big way. 

I have seen some nutty stuff show up under these accounts. Porn sites under like marine diesel engine companies. I was in a conference room with all the executives and I’m already… I’m assuming. 

This is a while ago that they had already you know reserved all their domains in their name. So, sure enough of course in front of the entire senior leadership team, I pulled up their Twitter account and it’s been hacked and it is full of porn and not in a good way and I pulled it up on a massive screen at this conference room. 

It was like I just wanted to die. All the guys laughed but it wasn’t very funny. And then we had to of course do triage and go in and make sure that all the other social media accounts were set up in their name, they had the logins and passwords. So please go in. 

Set all of them up even if you have no desire to use them, you know no one else is going to get it. 

Google Webmaster Tools

That sounds really fancy, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm. No, it’s just where Google is able to have a human connection again with your website. So, Webmaster Tools will tell you how often Google comes and index your page, are you being penalized? Will it give you all of the indicators that Google is looking for. Very important? 

The Webmaster Tools is like your backstage pass to what Google thinks about your website. It’s really important. And if your website goes down, you will immediately go to Webmaster Tools also called search console. Not sure why it has 2 names but it does. That’s where you’ll go to figure out what the skinny is. 

Google Alerts

Another big one people have set up incorrectly. Google Alerts if you want to make sure google.com slash alerts that you set up. Use quotes and put in all your names, all your brand assets, the whole nine yards. 

Make sure you have that setup. Google business page. So google.com slash business. Again, use your Gmail logins. Claim your business listing and make sure that you’ve tricked it out with all of your own images and all of your own content. Another one, a big one is when your domain expires. 

Like we said earlier, if you get down to the wire and there’s like a month left on your domain, Google is not going to rank. It’s going to hold it back and then it’s going to say, “Okay, we’ll wait and see if you upped up your domain, and then we’ll kick you back in.” And then, of course, claim your 

Glass Door and Yelp

Claim your Glass Door and Yelp listings. If you’re an employer, you have a Glassdoor account. You just need to go in and clean it. What happens if someone leaves, they flame all over Glassdoor it’s not pretty. I’ve seen some nasty stuff go down on Glassdoor. 

The reason they want you to get ahead of it is so you can protect the narrative of the story that’s happening around that negative talk. You get in there, you load all your pictures in there. 

In most cases, you’ll see a right under your corporate brand in search results under your name and you’re just going to make sure that you go in there as a CEO or the owner, you make sure that that listing is exactly what you wanted to say and how you want to look. 

Make sure to opt to claim your Yelp account and go in there and again check it out just like you would your Google business listing or your Glassdoor. These assets are critical especially for word-of-mouth. 

I’m just googling you and I’m checking you out, these things will turn people off. That is your brand protection toolkit. Download the document now! 

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