Facebook Ads –Should They be Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Facebook Ads… you mean pay for ads on Facebook? Really?” We can practically feel you all reeling in shock, moaning, holding your collective heads in your hands. Alright, we get it. But it’s time to pull up the “big girl panties” (sorry guys) and check out how simple, how inexpensive, and best of all, how effective a Facebook ad can be for your internet marketing purposes.

Of course, Facebook has huge potential for free marketing, but if you have no fans or likes, who are you marketing to? You can post the most fantastic content, but if no one knows about your page, it could be like posting into a black hole. A quick and simple solution? Yup, you guessed it, the Facebook ad.

Here at the Findability Group, we’ve used FB ads with smashing success for some of our clients, growing their brand awareness and really jumpstarting their FB engagement level. One client garnered 500 new likes in two weeks.

So, we decided to check FB ads out as a means of promoting my latest book, Thumbonomics. We set a reasonable, affordable budget for the ads — $20 a day, for a period of one month. Nothing exorbitant, this is a marketing budget that is well within the grasp of many small to medium sized businesses.

We started on April 5th, and as of April 16, less than two weeks later, we had spent a piddly $262 and had already received 429 clicks on our ads, and 448 new connections, in the form of likes. Once we’ve reached the end of the campaign, we’ll report back to you on more results.

But clearly, the ads are being seen, noticed and acted upon.

Features of Facebook Ads:

  • Target your audience by age, sex, location, interests, and many more variables.
  • Test your ads, finding the most productive ones for your campagin.
  • Adjust your budget at any time.
  • Choose to pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

Click here for more information about Facebook ads.You need to create a targeted campaign, using your high performing keywords, and having a clear idea of exactly who you are marketing to, and what results you wish to achieve. Brand awareness? Fan engagement? Traffic to a landing page or your website?

If you’ve got a FB fan page, or business page, and you want to use it to grow your brand awareness, launch a new product, or foster fan engagement, consider trying out FB ads. If you need any assistance running a Facebook ad campaign for your product, business or service, please feel free to give us a call here at the Findability Group.

Heather Lutze’s books, Thumbonomics and The Findability Formula are now available on Amazon. Heather is the founder and CEO of Findability Group in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

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