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In search engine marketing and in the marketing period, I think we tend to think about demographics. Well, my customers are you know, a certain age. They have a certain job, they do a certain thing. Well now, things have really changed.

The Psychographic Marketer would be the person who thinks it is cool to wear a unicorn headband on YouTube. She likes rose gold,she wears that brand of makeup and she likes red wine, In case you haven’t figured it’s me! 

It’s like when you go into Starbucks, and the person in front of you orders this ridiculous coffee order that takes like 10 minutes to say. You’re like, “Really? It’s just coffee.” “No, it’s a slice of me, it’s what matters to me at that moment.” So, when I turn to Google or a search engine, I’m going to be, “Laying it out for Google. Tell me what I need to know. 

What is the Psyche of the Searcher?

The psyche of the Searcher is what we use to identify who these people are that are coming to your site. What motivates them and what drives them? And it might be something completely off-topic. But somehow, you can weave your topic into their thinking. 

The person who comes to your website. What one thinks about is who are they? Are they male and female? You really need to think about who this person is. Well, how old are they? What do they make financially? What are their titles? Or chief marketing officers, they’re business owners, they’re stay-at-home moms, they’re their retirees. 

You have to really think about who this person is sitting in front of Google typing these phrases. Then we want to think about is it a fast close or a slow close? A lot of education, or very little education. Do they buy superfast? For example, the unicorn headband I am wearing is probably a very superfast purchase (don’t judge). I’m going to buy it without giving it a second thought. SEO on the other hand, lots of conversations, lots of education until they end up buying. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO on the other hand, lots of conversations, lots of education until they end up buying. So, you really have to understand your audience and who you’re selling to.

Are they feature or cost-driven. I think we all dream that they’ll be feature-driven but at the end of the day most people cost-driven. Who do they have to impress? Are they an Influencer, a decision-maker or an implementer? Really important because if you are an influencer then you go and give them a PowerPoint deck that they can take to their boss to help champion you for the sale. If they’re a decision-maker well that’s easy that’s : why to speak for first CEO groups all over the country because a boy you get right to the decision-makers it’s great. And then finally the implementer, the person who is actually going to do the work that the decision-maker and the influencer have agreed to.

Your ideal searcher is what will drive valuable traffic to your website. We used to think about demographics – age, gender, location. Nowadays, it’s more of what people think and not just the statistics. Here is the download:…

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