Get Found on Page One of Search Results with the SEO Super Bundle

Findability Coaching SEO Super Bundle with Heather Lutze

Get specific SEO advice, insights, and tools to be competitive online, get found and build your business.

“You don’t need to keep up with Google algorithm changes. Your job is to continually create high quality website content about your products or services so you are seen as a well-rounded expert. That’s how you’ll get found” –Heather Lutze

The Findability Coaching SEO Super Bundle Includes:

  • Two 60-Minute Consultations with Heather ($1,000 value)
  • 15-Page Technical Audit of Your Site and Call with Your Webmaster/Designer ($1,000 value)
  • Admin or Support Person Can Join the Calls for Free ($97 value)
  • One Year Access to the Findability Video Vault ($297 value)
  • Findability Ranking Report for Your Site ($199 value)
  • 40 Page Course Manual ($100 value)
  • Asset Checklist to Protect Your Online Brand ($97 value)
  • A Copy of My New Book - Marketing Espionage ($20 value)

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That’s a Bundle Worth Over $3,200


“Heather Lutze is…well, fabulous. World-class smart. Keenly clever. And funny. SEO? She knows it cold. Your competitors? She’ll pry open their hidden doors with her secret tools and tell you what they’re doing and how they are doing it. She can tell you how a few keywords will grab from your competitors that oh-so-precious, top half of the page real estate on page 1 of Google.

She’ll say things that get your head outside your own box…without making you feel stupid. And she makes learning, doing, growing, and profiting more delectable than a box of Godiva Chocolates. (Reader note: She is especially fond of them, and sending her a box or two is a perfect way to earn some extra time on those coaching calls.”

— Jay Townsend, Cornwall on Hudson, NY

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