Finally! An affordable, accessible, and easy to implement Findability SEO Webinar that delivers bottom-line results.

Why It’s Important to Be Findable Online

  • If customers can’t find you online, they can’t buy from you!
  • If someone finds your competition first they may never meet you!
  • 92% of searchers NEVER go to page two! 86% NEVER scroll down!
  • Ever wonder why your competition shows in search and you do not?

Give me six sessions and I’ll show you how to build a Findability SEO roadmap for your website that increases traffic and brings in new customers FAST!

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Learn SEO basics to optimize your website and entire online presence for higher Google rankings in this empowering 6-session

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The SEO training consists of six LIVE online group meetings via Zoom meeting followed by a 1-hour laser focus call with me to review your company site and homework assignments. Working with me, you’ll gain access to an SEO professional who is excited to reveal my trade secrets so you can enjoy rapid success online.

Here’s what you’ll learn step-by-step in this SEO Webinar Series:

Session #1: Discover the Path to Purchase and Customer Keywords

Find out how to brainstorm and identify the most important keywords for your business with SEO basics. Learn to use essential keyword tools you’ve never seen before, plus specific strategies to build traffic and improve Findability with warm searches.

ACTION PLAN: Have your finished keyword list ready for the next session.

Session #2: Gain a Competitive Advantage with Advanced Keyword Tools

In this SEO Webinar, I’ll share Keyword Tools Palooza, our tool kit of the best keyword research tools. Then we’ll deep dive into how they work and how you can leverage them get found online.

ACTION PLAN: Conduct in-depth research with trade tools to find the keywords your customers use to search for you.

Session #3: Create Your Website’s Keyword Road Map Page-By-Page

Determine which keywords you’ll use for each page of your site to build every page for improved Findability. This SEO Webinar, sets up the foundation of your plan to bring in the targeted traffic you want most.

ACTION PLAN: Map out your website with an SEO organizational chart and assign the best keywords for each page

Session #4: Write Body Copy that Rocks and is Findable!

Learn the SEO basics of HTBLI keyword method (Headline, Title, Body, Links, Images) and how to incorporate keywords into content on all your website pages and social media sites.

ACTION PLAN: Utilize keywords throughout your homepage and then apply to as many pages as possible to increase Findability.

Session #5: Spy on Your Competitors to Know Their Online Marketing Secrets

Print out five of your top competitors’ websites for this SEO training session and let the fun begin. You’ll learn how to ethically spy on their strategies for success, including uncovering their keywords, ranking and more. Using tools like, and others is the focus of this SEO Webinar.

ACTION PLAN: Using the printouts of your competitors’ web sites, identify HTBLI on their sites and craft your own plan of attack to knock them out of those top search positions.

Session #6: Fix Your Site Now!

Learn how to install and use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This SEO Webinar will teach you how to look at your analytics and create a refinement plan to execute over time. You’ll also be able to set up conversion tracking to check your progress and see the increase in qualified traffic and actions on your site.

ACTION PLAN: Set up your own Google Analytics account and Webmaster Tools to watch your progress.


We will review your completed homework on your worksheets or website, run new reports and make suggestions during this additional 1-hour call.

Here is what you get for the investment:

  • 6 Live 1- Hour Group Sessions
  • Recordings of all Sessions
  • 6 Laser Coaching Calls to Review Homework
  • Handouts & Worksheets
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Expert Webinar Interview Series
  • 1 Year Access to the Findability Vault
  • Level One Certification
  • Sustainable Learning

This SEO Webinar from Findability University will massively improve your online business results. Work with me to build a pervasive web presence and achieve the success your site could never deliver before.

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Knikkolette Church
Atlanta, GA
“Prior to participating in the Findability SEO webinar series, I kept updated on SEO and considered myself to be “decent” at optimizing my site – although no expert. I wanted to improve my SEO skills.

I sat through Heather’s SEO course this year and I couldn’t be happier with the results once I optimized our site with knowledge I gained through her course. If you want to know what kind of results you could possibly get, I’ll post ours as an example: I signed up for Heather’s course in April 2014 and our stats were the following:

Sessions = 669
Users = 581
Pageviews = 1,112
Pages per session = 1.66
Bounce Rate = 69.51%
Number of states visiting our site = 23

As of September 30, 2014 our stats were:

Sessions = 3,091
Users = 2,629
Pageviews = 12,865
Pages per session = 4.16
Bounce Rate = .55% Please notice WHERE the decimal is!
Number of states visiting our site = 50

Our numbers continue to get better each month and I credit Heather’s class to a good part of that success.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to increase traffic and reduce their bounce rate to Heather’s Findability webinar. ”




Jay Townsend
Cornwall on Hudson, NY
“Heather Lutze is…well, fabulous. World-class smart. Keenly clever. And funny. SEO? She knows it cold. Your competitors? She’ll pry open their hidden doors with her secret tools and tell you what they’re doing and how they are doing it. She can tell you how a few keywords will grab from your competitors that oh-so-precious, top half of the page real estate on page 1 of Google. She’ll say things that get your head outside your own box…without making you feel stupid. And she makes learning, doing, growing, and profiting more delectable than a box of Godiva Chocolates. (Reader note: She is especially fond of them, and sending her a box or two is a perfect way to earn some extra time on those coaching calls”




Melanie Smithson | Denver, CO
Professional Speaker and Author Stress Free in 30 Seconds
“What a great way to learn SEO without spending a fortune! Heather’s step by step guidance into what was foreign language has provided the road map I’ve been looking for.
I highly recommend the Findability University Webinar series for anyone trying to be found on the internet.




Katie Jaggers
Social Media Director
“This class offered a great value for a wide range of knowledge that was taught in a clear and helpful way. It has caused our whole organization to rethink the way we communicate and interact with our audiences, both on the web and in person. I would highly recommend Findability to other organizations and nonprofits who need a push to start thinking about their web communication in a modern, relevant way. Thanks to Heather for breaking down these concepts so that even people with limited knowledge of SEO can understand and improve their online communication strategy!


Trudy Brusenbach


Trudy Brusenbach
Director of Marketing
Baird & Warner
“I found the Findability University event to be highly valuable. I would recommend this to anyone in a marketing position looking to improve or learn about structuring your site for ultimate findability. I have been in marketing for 20 plus years and still learn volumes from this team. They truly are on the forefront of the technology and changes in the industry.

Findability University Photo Gallery

You’re doing it wrong and wasting valuable time and money – UNLESS … you get expert help. Working with Heather, at Findability helps you understand the who (who can see your website), the what (what to do to change your online presence), when (NOW… the time is now, you need to make changes), where (what keywords get you to where you need to be, to be seen), why (this part is scientific know-how on how to rank with Google’s search engines, if no one finds your website, do you really have online presence?) and how (this part is the best, she shows you HOW to do it, how to organize yourself, and takes a daunting task, and makes it to a do-able, fun project). A must have for any online business.
Tiffini Schwarzkopf
Take Heather’s course. I learned a lot! You will, too! As they say in the ads on TV, “sign up NOW!”
Vicki Hitzges
Besides having a wealth of information, Heather Lutze is a kind and caring teacher. You can feel how much she wants you to succeed.
Melanie Beth Smithson
The Findability University has made the unmanageable SEO, manageable! Heather has been great teaching us how to really understand how SEO works and how to decide which keywords we should try to rank for. She provides us with tools on her website which are extremely helpful and she’s always checking in to make sure we’re still on track. Thanks Heather for a fantastic learning experience!
Cindy Kent
We paid a lot of money to have a new site designed and launched. The company did nothing about optimization in search engines during the design phase. They did offer to conduct SEO on the site after the launch for a monthly fee. Heather Lutze and her fantastic Findability University program cost us less than one month’s fee. It is so perfect as it allows us to save money but best of all as our company’s capabilities increase we can add them to the site using Heather’s Findability techniques and GET RESULTS!
Kathy Schleicher Mayer
I took the Findability University course and fell in love!!! It opened up my eyes to how search engines get information, how to spy on your competitor to see what keywords they’re using, and my favorite, the helpful outline of how to layout your website to get the best possible traffic. I didn’t realize you could have crumbs all over your website and that’s what search engines pick up on, I could work on optimizing my website all day if I had that much time! Thank you Heather and I will continue to put to use everything you’ve taught me!
The Findability Webinar should come with a warning: side effects include creativity, capability and excitability that may result in more focus, impact, leads and revenue.
Terri Langhans
Heather has equipped me to totally change my website and helped me to “pick a lane.” She is not only an SEO expert, but has a true teacher’s heart, which stands tall in my book!
Deborah Denham Johnson
Heather Lutze’s Findability program has demystified and simplified how SEO works. More importantly, she teaches how it “works” for the customer, which is the point of it all! Who cares if you rank for a “keyword.” If no one’s actually looking for that, if it’s not truly the buyer’s or customer’s language, who cares? I now know how to slay the G__gle dragon. The principles learned here will eliminate the blur in your business, and your customer focus will become clear.
Heather Nichols
“Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” That’s what Findability has done for us. It’s more than just hiring someone to come in and fix it once. It’s empowering you to fix it forever.
Justin Stuckart