Internet Marketing Workshops

Internet Marketing Workshops Packed with Practical Strategies that Improve Findability

Nowadays, a strong web presence is essential for success in any business. To “get found” online, business people need a working knowledge of search engine marketing and the underlying strategies that improve your findability. In my workshops and seminars, I train attendees on how to leverage social media and improve search engine ranking to increase brand awareness, attract qualified leads and new customers. I’ve helped businesses with search engine marketing and social media since 2001 and am known for simplifying techy topics with no “geek-speak”, so the information is easy to understand. Count on me to provide methods that are fresh, doable and results driven in a high-energy, fun presentation. WORKSHOP BROCHURE DOWNLOAD or review the individual descriptions below.


These programs set the foundation for the training for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Findability or Social Media Findability. These foundation workshops are 1 – 3 hours based on time frame of training either one to three days. Pick one from below:

The Findability Formula: Draw Customers to Your Website – When They Are Ready to Buy! You need to attract your ideal customers and get them to buy. But how can you make sure they find you in search results when the competition for page one is so intense? This workshop is about the strategy, tactics and tools you can use to successfully market your business and get found online. Using a combination of SEO, PPC advertising, and Social Media, The Findability Formula delivers a holistic approach to dominating search results.

Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap to Social Media and Mobile Marketing The world now navigates the Web with their thumbs via Smartphones and Tablets. Your company must adapt or will likely fail because Social Media sites are actually search engines too. In this information packed workshop, learn how your business can take advantage of this behavior for greater findability and profits, including tangible steps for social media and mobile marketing success.

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HG Fenton Company contracted Heather Lutze to perform 12 website audits and conduct all day training for 40 residential employees on SEO. Training exceeded our expectations with employees declaring it was the best educational class they’ve ever attended!

Carroll Whaler, CPM, Executive Vice President, Residential Asset Management



Add as many 1 hour programs below to create a custom curriculum for your company training event.

Social Media Productivity Tools Made Easy: Automate It! Productivity Tools for Social Media Success Fortunately, tools have been developed to help you manage the numerous Social Media sites you engage in. With the power to automate, you can monitor exactly what is happening online, rapidly build your community and feed them relevant content. In this time-saving workshop, get the low-down on Social Media productivity tools including HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Social Oomph so you can choose the right one to implement a cohesive plan.

The Findability Formula for Facebook: Social Media Made Profitable, Just the Way You “LIKE” It! One Billion users makes Facebook a mega social media site that is impossible to ignore if you want to stay current and keep your business growing. In this no-nonsense workshop, you’ll learn practical Facebook strategies to get people sharing your content and message. Find out how keyword research, a well-optimized page, a simple marketing plan and genuine engagement with your fans can combine to attract new business.

The Findability Formula for YouTube: Video for Higher Visibility and Business Success! YouTube videos are turning up more often in Google searches and get noticed because of the site’s tremendous traffic – over 800 million visitors per month. In this practical workshop, find out how to take advantage of the massive numbers who prefer to learn by watching, rather than reading or being told. Learn easy strategies, tools and tips to build business and “get found” online, while getting your creative mojo going.

The Findability Formula for Twitter: Tweet to the Top of Search Results and Win New Business While many business owners overlook this social media platform, tweeting is not for the birds by any stretch. Twitter can be a major asset to increase brand recognition, engage with prospects and promote your findability. In this no-nonsense workshop, learn to participate in real-time conversations, connect with consumers and influencers in your industry and grow your business.

The Findability Formula for LinkedIn B2B Social Media Made Profitable! Frequently overlooked amidst the frenzy of other social media activity, LinkedIn helps you connect with over70 Million professionals worldwide and become findable to a more “elite” audience. In this practical workshop, learn smart strategies for using keyword research and creating a well-optimized profile. Discover how to engage others authentically in LinkedIn Groups to generate new business and open doors.

The Findability Formula for Pinterest If You Pin It, They Will Come! Leverage the Power of Pinterest Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site and it’s time you learn how to pull in some of that traffic to grow your business. In this engaging workshop, discover the Pinterest tricks, tips and strategies to help you stay visible on this highly visual and creative site. Get in the game to attract more customers and opportunities, while showcasing your company, product launches, personnel and more.

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